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It's FREE! But... what is it?


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A buddy of my Dad's sent me a picture of this vice today and said he was sending it home with my Dad so that I can use it for knife making. I don't know why it looks so different from any other vice I'm used to but it was free and if there's one thing I know, it's not to turn down anything free. Especially a vice! Any thoughts?


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That is a Cole vice. It was used as a field vise. There is a 1" diameter hole in the bottom. You can stick a 1" rod in the ground and mount the vise. Actually you only have the vice portion of the tool. There is also a hand cranked, auto advance dril that mounts in the top grove of the vise jaws. You can also clamp it to a place tht you can't get your drill press to and drill holes (like in a car or truck frame). The small handle on the right allows the vice to be rotated. The jaws move like in a post vise. It is cast iron so will not take the heavy hammering like a post vise but the impact does not transfer to the screw as in a machinest vise. I have one mounted on each of my lay out tables and would not be without them.

Good score.

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