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It was nice to have some help, guess I'm back to two hands and three legs. :blink:

I believe I'm a bit past the capacity of the Bradley, wish I had the Niles up and running. The 3" is close, needs a clean up heat which will take another half day, took two days to get this far but together with the 2" you can get an idea of the process. The rear leg will be 14' long when I weld these two together and weighs in at 1800#. I still have two more pieces to add which will make it almost 18' and 2500# when finished and it is only one leg of the base structure. The press had no problem bending the 2"x18" cold up to 8" from the end. Cut up one 4" bar for forging, the longest I will attempt will be 6' @ 324 pounds, I believe the Bradley will knock it down better than the odd shape plate.




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I sure am enjoying watching the progress of the piece. Thanks for documenting the process. Can you give me some info on your torch set up on tracks. What size tanks/torch does it take to allow you to cut through that thickness of material

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Insane? Just a bit of backyard blacksmithing, industrial style...

Part of the plan involves heading over the pin at the park as part of a installation/ceremony, so here we go (just a bit mad maybe)

I am hoping this can be headed over by hand. I am considering grinding the center of the pin down about 1" or so. Having a purpose built single burner, a couple strikers with well placed fuller then flatter it may work. Any other ideas or concerns?



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The great thing about the track torch is the portability. In my rush to bend the 2" plate for one of the front legs I overlooked the beveled corners so I had to run on a curved piece. Worked out that I balanced the 1000 pound section and seesawed it through the cut! I guess that would be a fourth axis or 3D profiler? B)

The bearings are still on paper but I will need to forge the 6" round billet soon. :ph34r:

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Another good use of a track torch is for making long welds, replace the cutting torch with a MIG gun. It will also do curves if you attach a cable to it tied too the center of the arc. You may have to run it without the track for curves or circles, mine does not use track.

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