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Thanks guys,

Here are a few close up scans in more detail of interesting objects in the photo.

At the time Kirkland was the drop off point for sheep on their way into Slaughter crazy Chicago. This was before the bad mutton overseas during the great war really cut down on the taste for lamb.

To make the vehicle even more ironic, he was one of the first in the small town to have a self propelled vehicle! Frank Ramsby made up for it though, he eventually started a trucking company.

A few questions for anyone looking.

What kind of hat do you think he is wearing?
What the heck kind of chain is that?
Does the hammer on the table in the Shoe Hammer file look like more of a smithing or shoeing hammer?

Caleb Ramsby








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This is more of a practice on how to post a properly sized pic. Let's see how it comes out.

Had to open the latter in Paint to resize. Still a bit too big. Ugg. Anyone have a quick way of setting pic size? I know this is off topic but then again it is a prob at times on this forum.

After reducing about 4 times in Paint so that it fits one my own screen it looks like it comes out about the same size on I forge.



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