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    daniels in wild, wonderful SOUTHERN wv
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    christian, married, one grown son
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    blacksmithing, woodworking, cooking...anything where I can "make" something. Fising/hunting, etc.
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    I'd like to say I'm a blacksmith, but my day-job is being a pharmacist at a local hospital (26 yrs).

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  1. Just a hobby smith, but here's a few items I have forged for my Mountain Man friends. The fork may not have any historical precident but they seem to like it.
  2. Anyone know where I can find some of the small narrow gauge rail spikes? These are used on rails inside mines, or so I am told. Thanks...bart
  3. 1. I've seen the forged corner episode too. I didn't understand it either. 2. The style of compasses he forges in his video are like those in my pictures at the beginning og this thread.
  4. Ross also has one on butterfly hinges and one on a striking knife. Also a couple episodes of the woodwrights shop.
  5. Thanks. Yes, the video is very good. Ross does a good job of explaining the process.
  6. I never did make it to Peter Ross's class, but my wife gave me a copy of his video "Forging a Compass". I finally got around to giving it a try. The first set were just to get the steps/techniques down. Here's the second set with a little file work. The last picture shows both the new set and the "test" set. Thanks for looking...bart
  7. Friend of mine found a couple of these in his dad's office after he passed away. Approximately two feet long from hex stock. Thanks...bart
  8. I commonly find deer antlers for a couple of bucks at local flea markets. Had one lady give me a small pair of antlers after I bought something else at her table. I noticed all the stuff she was selling was "guy " stuff. When I commented on that fact, she laughed and said "Yeah...I'm selling all the ####'s stuff!" Don't know what he did but she was not happy...
  9. Same here. Just a hobby smith. Every now n then I'll do a small "custom" project for coal money :-) Mostly I just give stuff away to family and friends. No threat to you guys that do this for a living...you guys produce more in a day than I do in a month.
  10. One of my favorite things to make. My favorite steel is old hay rake teeth. I have a lot of friends that fish, hike, hunt, camp, etc and so I have given a bunch of them away to them. I *always* start a fire with one before I give it away. I pack flint, steel, some char cloth and jute twine in an altoids tin before presenting them ad birthday, Christmas presents, etc. Almost always brings a smile. PS, I miss Mike too although I only knew him through this site.
  11. Was actually thinking along same line on both accounts. Thanks a lot guys!
  12. I recently inheirited my great-grandfather's 100 pound Mousehole anvil. I have reason to believe it may hsve belonged to his father before him. It has not been forged on for 75 years. This morning I cleaned it up: wire brush and linseed oil on the body and 120 grit flapper disc on the top and horn. I am going to use this as my main anvil, at least for a while. Given its history, I would like to forge something a little special as a first project on this anvil. I have been smithin about five years and consider myself an intermediate hobby-smith. Any ideas?
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