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what is an anvl?

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It is the backbone of blacksmithing.
It is generally the most sought after tool in the shop.
It is a hand tool only if you could lift it and strike your iron with it.
It can be the heaviest tool in a shop but not necessarily.
It has no moving parts yet it is able to help form almost anything the imagination can conjure.


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a non moveing object to hammer on!


You may want to look up counterblow hammers. :P (Although the technical term for both parts seems to be 'tup'.)

I find dablacksmith's answer as satisfactory as anything out of webster's. The question of whether it's a hand tool is a neat one. Perhaps it's 'hand equipment'.
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Note that an anvil may be only a few ounces in weight for silversmithing and watch work or may be 1000 pounds for anchor forging

So your question seems to be "off" to start with. In my shop I have several anvils that weigh less than many of my hammers and I have seen hammers used as anvils.

Hmm anyone have a chainmaker's anvil with the through hole? Be nice to stick a handle in the hole and post a picture of a "real hammer".

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If you don`t know what an anvil is,you`re in the wrong shop.
If you were to come to work in any of the shops I worked in and ask one of the old graybreads "What is an anvil?" you`d likely get the reply,"It`s that thing under your hammer.Now get to work!".
You`d probably also be given advice to the effect of "The trick is to kick it`s butt before it kicks yours".

My anvil is the foundation that allows my imagination to become manifest.
Is that an esoteric enough an answer for you? :)

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But what about an ASO?


I would say that if a rock can be an anvil then so can a piece of cast iron some person though to shape like a london pattern anvil, just not a very good anvil.
I see that an anvil is more of a purpose and less of a shape or material.
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