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Spirograph damascus, black hawk II

Randy Jr. HHH Knives

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Here is one of our new prototype knives the Black Hawk II.
The blade is spirograph and the bolsters are implosion pattern
OAL: 10"
Blade: 5"
We are thinking about making a small prodution line of this blade design in 1095
comments and critiques are always welcome so let me know what you guys think.
God bless





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i like each pattern individually but i prefer the bolster the most. looks more organic to me, which is definitely more my style. But i would LOVE to see it with a clean blade like you suggested in 1095, with the same bolster. I think that would have them compliment each other better without overloading the senses, and i would not mind using it. Also i have not had a lot of experience with 1095 but how does it take to differential hardening. I know a lot of people prefer the tool steels for that, but i have seen some really nice hamons on knives made from files and they are sometimes 1095. I think a nice steel blade with a pretty hamon with that damascas pattern for the bolsters would look just right in MY hand ;) , If it becomes a good seller maybe i get a discount on one for the idea?

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Mitch: That pattern is pretty time consuming, normally 2-3 days at the forge, then the rest of the time involved with grinding h/t and finishing the knife.
Tiapan: We have had pretty good luck differentially hardening 1095 blades, and we normally get some pretty nice hamons. Just let me know when your ready to order yours man and im sure we can knock a chunk off for the great idea! :)
Thanks for looking everyone

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