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  1. Thanks Thomas. I just received a message from James at Anyang USA. He had a contact over in China give me some info. The factory is long gone. I will have to make the parts if I ever need them. It is a powerful hammer.
  2. I am not sure what you mean. All I want is to find what part of China this came from. Factory name. Is it compatible with Anyang or the other big name chinese hammers. My location should not be relevant.
  3. I have had this hammer for almost 10 years. It was found out of service in a factory on a business trip to china. I want to find out who made it and if parts are still available. It does work. Thank you for any info.
  4. My 15n20 does not etch dark. Comes out light.
  5. Jose Gomez in New Mexico is hard to beat. I know there are many amazing smiths but he is a master of traditional and modern metal working. To top all of that off he is a top notch knife maker and a very decent human being.
  6. If you and I lived near each other we would probably be friends. I have found that some times us blacksmiths can be outspoken and hard as hammers. The fact that you cared enough to sincerly apologize shows me you are one of the good ones! Thanks
  7. I have enjoyed this forum for 3-1/2 years. The members and their willingness to help solve problems and share info is amazing. Lets move on. BTW... thanks Smith ;)
  8. My dearest Borntoolate, I do not have the time,energy or desire to defend myself before your one man kangaroo court. Best regards, The accused
  9. I am selling off a large amount of various tool steel. Any Ideas of what to charge on some of these different types? 1 bar stentor 02... 2"x4"x6' many pcs 4140.... 2"x2"x6 2 bars a2.... 2"x4"x6 8 round w2 .....1" x6' 20pcs 15n20...... 4' 8-10" wide bandsaw blades. Dozens of 1"x3"x24"....... D2 chopper blades Many various chunks of a2,d2,4140,01,52100 60 lbs 4"x4"x1/4" o1 clearly marked 75-100 pcs 52100.... 2-3"dia barrel shaped bearings Thanks for any suggestions and help.
  10. Just think mine is only $850.00! These are very neat.
  11. If you are ever in the Bellevue area feel free to stop by the forge. I have an old 141 lb Mousehole anvil and a post vise that are priced to move fast. I am also a Maba member.Advice is always free here!
  12. It would have made Salvador Dali Happy.
  13. Been on a handle kick. I find myself going old school. The damascus is 1080 and 15n20.
  14. It is time to make a big hand made padlock for my cabin door. Anyone have pics,plans or advice?
  15. 10 knives a week,some blades are forged close to shape and other pattern welded billets are stock removal. I'll go 2 hp. One more question though-If the kmg style is made from heavy 1/2'' aluminum will it be rigid enough? I thought it would be but wanted to ask first.
  16. I have decided to stop being lazy and just build a kmg style grinder. Is 1 hp enough or should I go bigger? My Dart speed controller is rated 110 up to 1 hp and 220 over 1hp. I was hoping to stay 110 but am always open to suggestions. Thanks
  17. Steve's advice is good. Pattern welds need to be worked HOT. Get that metal soft and pliable. Jose Gomez burned this in my brain. I have lost some neat projects to red heat and inpatients.