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Food safe finish


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Not really a problem but a tapping of the collective brain. What do you use for your food safe finish? Like for ladles, forks, spoons etc. I'm interested to hear new ideas.
I used to use beeswax but when the item sat in the sun it got tacky and customers at rendezvous didn't like it.
I've used linseed oil but don't like working with it (it stains clothes, breathing hot fumes isn't good, label says if taken internally to call the poison control center).
Some people are allergic to peanut oil so I avoid it.
I've settled on vegetable oil. Cheap, readily available and easy to apply/reapply.
So what do you use? And why?

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Canola oil, baked in the oven at 350 deg for about 2 hours then recoat and bake for another couple. Thin coats and make sure there are no runs. I spray mine on with a kitchen grade pump oil sprayer.

Fully baked/seasoned vegetable oil will not go rancid. Ever.

I do food safe bowls with this. Dozens of em.

If fully burnt or forged on, beeswax shouldn't get tacky.

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I'll add another vote for the olive oil. I buy it for our kitchen in a gallon jug and just put some in a smaller jug for use at the forge. I usually apply it with a soft cloth after I remove the scale on the smaller pieces or on bigger items I have a spray jug (like you get to put window cleaner in) and just adjust the nozel for the best light coating spray. I just seen a couple indoor pieces that are not being used that are now 5 years old and other than a little dust the owner has allowed to gather they look as good today as they did when they was bought from me.


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I might add that I tell folks the following.....for a LEGAL food safe finish I would probobly have to use stainless. My efforts to de-scale and clean up carbon make for safe finish in my opinion. The olive oil works well if properly burned on. Charcoal or gas makes for fairly clean finish.

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