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Price in the Southeast

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Just wondering what a 226 lb Peter Wright is worth in the South East US. I told the guy I would give him fair market value for it. He does not want to price it but, wants to sell it. Not as if I need a anvil. I have two now and was wanting one over 200 lbs is all. He claims it's in very good shape with very little dings in it. I'd have to look at it to see for sure. Just wondering what a good starting price is. I don't want to beat him nor do I want to get beat.



No pics to post as of yet.

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In my opinion, and I am no expert, $3.00/# is top dollar just about anywhere.
If he wants to go to all the trouble of ebay and shipping etc., he could hold out for $600.+ but your posting didn't sound like he was trying to make a killing. Bottom line is that it is worth what you are willing to pay. What is it worth to you? That's what it is worth.

I love my 100# PW, but I would not pay that much for another larger one.

Hope this helps,

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I like my 100 P W but would like to have a larger one. Should you decide to pass on this one I would appreciate the contact info so I can check it out.

I believe that 3.00 a lb is to high. 2.00 a lb is not unrealitic but if I were negotiating I would start at 1.25 to 1.50

- K - in Canton GA

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At the risk of sounding like the grumpy old geezer that I am, here goes.

Anvils are not hamburger, you can't buy 10lbs of an anvil. The price per unit is $$$/anvil.

Anvils are like women or cars: the better the face, plus the better overall body condition, plus the better the family (brand), plus the lighter they are, plus the relative scarcity (real or imagined), plus the relative number of interested buyers, equals the higher the price. Subtract one or more factors and the price goes down.

Just like women and cars, the used price is still pennies on the dollar for what a new one will set you back. :blink: And like women, your peers will hate and envy you if you have more than one at a time.

I have seen 400lb no-name anvils in great shape get passed by for abused "Name" anvils half or a quarter their size, when they were plentiful at farm shows. And multiple bidders go crazy for the *one* crappy 70lb cast iron anvil at an estate auction. Rare colonial anvils regularly get passed over because they do not look like what the public sees as a "real" anvil, ie: suitable for dropping on roadrunners.

Shameless plug: there will be plenty of blacksmiths tailgating at Madison, GA May 19-21, 2011. http://sbaconference.com/

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Here is my experiance. I have been looking for an anvil for about 2 years. 1 year hard. I live in alabama. I would gladly pay $2/lb for a good anvil. All I find is rough, chipped edged anvils. And for those that say that $3/lb is high for a good clean anvil, I have not been able to buy one for less. They aren't taking my $2-2.50/lb offers and somebody is buying them. I just bought a 146# Peter Wright for $200, but both sides are chipped off front to back, and was glad to get it.

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Location, location, location, and some luck thrown in. Search for the thread - real prices of anvils.

Over the past 30 years my Dad, and I have bought 6 anvils, all in very good condition.

260# Fisher-$250 1980's in the foothills Lincoln CA.

306# Sodefors $200 IIRC Late 80's early 90's in CA machine shop auction.

150# Vulcan? $50 late 80's in CA high school sale of shop equipment.

170# Hay Budden $175 (we thought it was 175#) Bought last year in Las Vegas, Craigslist.

125# JHM Journeyman $250, and it came with a folding stand with spring vise, single burner gas forge, a box of farrier tools, box of shoe blanks, and a box of hoof repair epoxy. Bought last year in Las Vegas, Craigslist.

50# unknown $60 bought this year Las Vegas, Craigslist.

Yea, you can't buy a pound of anvil, but it is an easy way to set a price. I think collectors worry about pedigree more than a smith does. Cars have price guides, and a lot more options to affect prices. Can't comment on the women, haven't had any luck in that department. :(

Condition affects price the most. Just because it is old doesn't make it valuable, even though some feel that it does. If he says it is worth more because it is old, pick up a rock and ask how much is this billion year old rock worth?

Take cash, offer what YOU can afford, and be ready to haul it home. This isn't an investment decision. If he passes, be willing to walk away. There will be more anvils.

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I've been looking too, they seem to run about $2 per pound average. My brother lives in VA and says he found a 500# for $1200 What we will do with a 500# anvil beats me but it'll look cool if he gets it. Too much $$$$ for me to spend. I wish I could find a 150# in good shape.

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