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  1. I found my Lincoln 180 on Craigslist brand new in the box for 1/2 off retail.
  2. KTB

    Flattening EMT

    I am going to be part of a dome build Sky. Hence the flattened conduit.
  3. KTB

    Flattening EMT

    I appreciate the suggestions guys. I am going to try Johns first. I can't see using the vise or a hammer. If I can't get the power hammer under control perhaps a cheap HF arbor press would work.
  4. I have a couple hundred pcs of 3/4 inch EMT conduit and I need to flatten them for an 1 1/2 inches on each end. I have a tire hammer but with little practice at this point getting one hit is still difficult. I also need the flattened ends in line with one another. I have flat dies and suppose I could fashion some sort of back stop but I am still not sure how I can align the flattened ends. Any suggestions guys ?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions Phil.
  6. I have a small 2 burner gas forge connected to 2 bbq size propane tanks piggy backed together to prevent freeze up.. Just recently it seems one tank or another won't pass propane until I fiddle with the on off valve for 10 or 15 minutes, cracking it open slowly while the forge seems to run ( somewhat ) off the other tank. Do new tanks have some sort of safety valve in them limiting the about of pressure released or something? It seems once I get both flowing everything is fine.
  7. I faced the same decision just over a year ago. I ended up building a tire hammer and I am very pleased with it. However, it did require almost 2 months of spare time to gather and assemble the components. A LG would be nice, but I also like knowing I can rebuild or repair any component on my hammer. If time is a primary consideration, buy what is affordable and available.
  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. Just looking to develop my skills.
  9. Somewhere I had seen a tutorial or perhaps just a series of photos of someone forging a snake from a horse hoof rasp. This particular method did not indicate rolling the rasp and I am confused as to how one could draw out the rasp without destroying the teeth on the rasp that end up as scales. I picked up several rasps and would like to attempt this project. Any help guys ? Thanks in advance, Keith
  10. Blade Show 2011 this weekend at the Cobb Galleria. This is the largest event of it's kind. Be there or be square.
  11. 100 lb P W Good to Fair Conditon Purchased in 2008 260.00
  12. The mixture of materials really sets off each detail. I like it, a lot.
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