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  1. I found this. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-454192/Shes-hot--The-blonde-blacksmith.html
  2. Quote from the last link, "Though it was nearly 300 feet long and weighed 8 million pounds, the maximum variance along the Harvey 12K’s chassis was just 0.004 inches. Source: USAF Materiel Command" That is just amazing!
  3. If you look at the historic presentation someone posted a link to, it seems like it would take a machine the size of its self just to make it. How did they make the pieces back then?
  4. I live in Shelby County around Columbiana and Chelsea. I would love to be there when it is quenched.
  5. You can thank my mother. She is addicted to pinterest and emails me anything she thinks I would like. Thanks for the ironwork link.
  6. I found this pinterest page of doors. I love doors. Maybe someone else can be inspired. http://pinterest.com/periain/open-and-shut/
  7. My first anvil was a good condition 230# Hay Budden that I borrowed. It was my step mothers and had been sitting in a barn for years. Her Grandfather bought it from a guy just to have. He never used it, and is now dead. Even though her grandfather never used it, and she has absolutely no intention of using it, she became sentimental after about 6 months. I had to give it back... so it can sit lonely, and collect dust. I definitely had some friends tell me to keep it because she would never use it. It sucks, but it wasn't mine. I am glad you gave it back. I now have a 150# Peter Wright in rough shape. I do miss the 230# beauty.
  8. Saw this ad flash up on a website today. http://www.beyondourrails.org/safety/better-safe\
  9. Misinformed. He is just paranoid about accepting stolen RR material. Anyone can buy spikes new. There are many sections of private RR lines out there in industrial parks. Not all spike come from the big RR companies.
  10. As an engineer I suppose I could break out the old books and figure it out, but I do like real life tests better. Impresive. I am suprised at how far it made it.
  11. People do not understand how much power the rail road has. For example a county/city has broad powers within their right-of-way. Anyone doing anything within that right-of-way can be required to have a permit. Except the rail road. When a RR and a road cross, the road is considered to be crossing the RR right-of-way, not the RR crossing the county/city right-of-way. The RR can block a road with train cars and nothing can be done to force them to move. Because the roadway is crossing their right-of-way.
  12. There are many ways to legally get spikes, but to get a lot for free might take some time. For knives and such I would think buying them new would be best. In a thread a while back we discussed some places to get legal spikes, new and used. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/16111-where-to-buy-legal-railroad-spikes/page__hl__%2Blegal+%2Bspike
  13. 2 arrested for stealing 15' of RR track. http://www.wtsp.com/news/topstories/article/195270/250/Two-arrested-for-trying-to-steal-railroad-track-parts
  14. Looking at the individual listings there is about 25 anvils.
  15. Sorry I had the wrong link. The link now shows the tool shop.
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