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Stiking Vise and Stand


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Good Morning all

Very elegant as usual 3B. I see you revisited the Habermann bend. Are you getting ready for Valentines Day? -grant

Thanks Grant, but Lyle did most of the work on the stand. I do use that bend as much as possible. It is one of the greatest things I learned from Alfred Habermann. Valentines Day? I'm on my way to New York right now to demonstrate with Lyle, LDW, for the Northeastern Blacksmiths Association.
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Hi All, I just wanted to thank Lyle and Brian for this great vice idea. I had a vice I have been wondering what to do with. These is what I came up with I did not have to buy any materials all was from my pile. This has been a great learning project thanks to Lyle and Brian I have made a very useful vice alot of great ideas.Here is some pictures.

Gaylan Veaterpost-603-083029500 1288028425_thumb.jpgpost-603-040650800 1288028458_thumb.jpgpost-603-039489100 1288028505_thumb.jpgpost-603-002902500 1288028536_thumb.jpgpost-603-056001100 1288028572_thumb.jpgpost-603-042119800 1288028597_thumb.jpg

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You definitely had a plan before you got started. That is great. It is a fine looking vise, and larger than the one we built. Brian has pointed out its at a great height for rasping wooden handles. That cut away on one side of the jaw, and not cut away on the other is so useful. And recessing the slot so your stand has a better center of gravity with the vise is a big help too. Id give you a 10. Good going, its a pleasure to see someone think so far ahead. You even put a finish on the whole thing. That is pride, and well admired.

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He has a real shipping charge on it, I expect it will have some bids and not go for the opening bid. Looks like a good vise even without the leg. The exposed screw looks really good, but who knows what the rest of the screw looks like. Probably worth the chance, but you might do better locally instead of shipping it out of CA (unless you can local pickup)


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