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    Too many interests too list, but here are just a few, motorcycle restoration, bee-keeper, and now started blacksmithing, maybe some day I will be a blade-smith

    I have been busy with school, started grad school, trying to get a masters in Network Communication Management with focus on Information Security. (09/26/14) I miss you all but between the job and school I am overextended.

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  1. Hello Ted,

    My old friend, it been a long time, I had to do something for myself and that was completed in December of 2016, since i am done I decided to look up my old friends. I have time to work on my blacksmithing stuff. I hope you are well, in health and spirt.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. I thinking cloning would work, a better Stan than the, one that could slow down and smell the roses...
  3. Great work Aaron! P.S. need to get some sun on those white feet.
  4. Here I hope this helps:
  5. scrapartoz, Very impressive, like I said before great design, excellent selection of material, to complement subject matter, and it is for a great cause, that somehow I missed when I read this before.
  6. Nice Mike, very nice...
  7. Thanks, now I got them all...
  8. The best advise I can give is take a class from a smith and learn the basics, I took my first classes from one of the young smiths trained by Brian Brazeal, his name Aaron Cergal, then by Aaron's suggestion I took some classes from Brian Brazeal, did I learn "trade secrets", yes I did, forge to dimension, forge to finish, surface area contact...that is all I will share.
  9. If I missed something, Brian or someone else could add to it... The hammer above had a crooked hole, but Brian Brazeal and Ed Brazeal and myself were able to save the hammer, it took some work but there it is, I was directing on this hammer, I held the drift crooked and that is how the hole got crooked, but I learned how to salvage it, and how not to slit a hole, a learning experience.
  10. Here is a method that will guarantee a straight hole almost every time, see this article, see this picture the only thing I can add to this is that after you punch all the way to face of the anvil, but not quite trough, turn to the other side and look for a black spot about where the whole should be and start to punch from that side... Also see this article:
  11. There are plenty of great blacksmiths that share their methods and procedures, even if one knew these methods and procedures that does not mean that one could benefit financially from knowing those methods and procedures. The reason for accelerated software development across all hardware platforms, is the fact that "trade secrets" or methods and procedures are shared by open community of developers. Proprietary methods and procedure does not lead to advancement in any field or trade, that is just my two cent worth.
  12. Nice work Darren, one more nice knife!
  13. One more nice knife, great job Darren, some day....
  14. Very nice, great Job!
  15. Nice job Sam, I made something similar at Stans hammer-in on his LG 100# power hammer. I kept what I called a pin with a 1/2" round had, made it using ball swage, round tapper, but now you gave me an idea for different application. Unfortunately after all the work I was talking to by brother in law and burnt the pin first in half, forge welded it back together, then burnt the head of it, and that was that. Started a new one since, with a square tapper, I wanted to make a spiral latter holder, also you could easily make a banana holder, cup holder, etc. I will try and finish my new one but not easy with out a ball swage, maybe my friend Stan can make me few ball swadges of various sizes (5/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"), for that he already said I need to make a trip to IL.