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Converted ballpeen hammer

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compared to mine thats amazing! heck thats amazing anyway. great job! I have yet to try a second one. I have a hammer head ready though.

my first ballpeen hawk was made in the fire of my first brakedrum forge, and I was still getting the workings of it down. now I think my next one will be made in my gas forge.

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Tiapan and Matt. Yes, I did anneal the head before starting to forge it. I just heated it to critical temp(non-magnetic) and let it slowly cool in some heated wood ashes overnight. I also had to re-anneal it during the forging process because as I worked on it the steel began to get stiff and hard to move(of course I may have been getting tired and the steel just felt hard to move). The handle came unfinished from R.E. Davis Co. I bought the over-sized handle because my drift is a little larger that most commercially available drifts. I also like a longer handle. It is curly maple as many of you already know. I stained it with Aqua Fortis which is nitric acid cut with steel wool. I did not make the batch I have now but purchased it online. I brush a coat on the wood after sanding and raising the grain several times until it is smooth. I then just heat up a bar of steel in the forge and hold it close to the wood and the color changes to what you see in the photo. I then use some fine 0000 steel wool and boiled linseed oil and rub it in to the wood. I gave this handle three coats. That is it in a nutshell. I am chomping at the bit to get some more made but our weather here has been so miserable and cold that I have not been brave enough to get outside and forge. I need to build a covered shop someday. I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

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" I have not been brave enough to get outside and forge.".... It's been so cold here, even if I was healthy, I don't think I could stand to be out long. It's been down in the high twenties in the mornings and the low fifties in the afternoon. Afternoons wouldn't be too bad but those mornings would lock my arthritic joints up like crazy! :blink:
Happy New Year to you too! :D

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