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  1. That is a great first try,you picked a hard project...the most important part is getting the slit true...you can remedy the offset eye by cooling the side that's out too far then redrift.you did a nice job getting the blade wide enough,so I guess you upset the end enough.(5/8"material ain't much)..keep on hammerin!!
  2. Here is one I posted on bf's....I forged this one from a 24 oz. ball pein.I wanted a different look and added the beard.thanks for looking......
  3. Great pics Doug,nice meeting you also..thanks for posting..
  4. The second of the first 2 tirehammers built on page 131....10 12 yrs ago and still going..
  5. Here is a piece forged from 1 1/4" and 3/4" pipe forged 1/2" mild steel mounted on a hard as crap piece of granite,used a hammer drill on it and was still a pain!
  6. Nice little forge but two burners on a forge that small might be overkill...did you make the burners also good looking!
  7. I don't know how many bpm"s it makes but enougth and slow enough to point 1/4" stock ..I have forged probably 2- 3 hrs. at a time,the only load is start up and that's not much..It has a 15" tire with a 3" roller and uses a slide behind the hammer instead of a tup in a tube like Clay's hammers,which IS a simpler method,,,,,still the best mechanical jyh design out there IMO
  8. I have a 1/3 hp on my hammer one of the first 2 tirehammers made and still using it 10 yrs + or so later.I have used the heck out of this hammer...the head is probably 30-40 lbs..so I think 1/2 hp would work ok..at least try it..
  9. Thanks Quint,I thought it looked like an inline blower and wondered if they worked well or not....Regards
  10. I think it would,depends on how rough you are on your forge..
  11. Hi depends on the shape as to what is easier..wool on the round with a layer of refractory and topped by itc-100...a rectangular I would use the lightweight firebrick which usually dose'n't need anything on it with a hard brick floor..look at the one I just finished and posted on here..everybody has their own ideas when it comes to a gasforge... larry zoeller has a great site for ideas ....I think a forge with the refractory over wool would last longer..and the flame is in the forge...
  12. Hi Quint,I haven't timed it yet,but pretty quick...what kind of blower is that youre using?Looks like 1900 degrees on your meter..and they don't have to be purty to get the job done :)
  13. Call Dennis at Diamondback and tell him your problem,I know he wants to keep his buyers happy,and he is a very nice guy to deal with.I have a Blacksmiths 2 burner model I have been using for a few years,no problems...
  14. Check this little beauty by Fred out!! http://ornamentalroseengine.com/smith/hammer/
  15. Hi,you can buy feric c. in powder from on Ebay and mix it yourself,been awhile since I bought any guess you can still buy it---Regards yep checked and you can buy it in gallons or powdered--
  16. Hi Stu,I would hate to think,many many many and more and a few after that :-)
  17. Hi Bruce,thanks for the post,haven't made a knife in a while,like to though,Stuart stays more traditional than me..I like to experiment with the profile and leather work---Take care-Regards Butch
  18. Hi John,it sure does,Ray came up with a great idea for us poboys--did you enjoy the Bigblu hammerin?
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