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    Shelby,N.C. foothills of N.C.
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    I'm 63 been smithing for about 6 years-Made a little of everything in iron tables,chandiliers, etc
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    STEEL-What Else!
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  1. That is a great first try,you picked a hard project...the most important part is getting the slit true...you can remedy the offset eye by cooling the side that's out too far then redrift.you did a nice job getting the blade wide enough,so I guess you upset the end enough.(5/8"material ain't much)..keep on hammerin!!
  2. Here is one I posted on bf's....I forged this one from a 24 oz. ball pein.I wanted a different look and added the beard.thanks for looking......
  3. Great pics Doug,nice meeting you also..thanks for posting..
  4. The second of the first 2 tirehammers built on page 131....10 12 yrs ago and still going..
  5. Here is a piece forged from 1 1/4" and 3/4" pipe forged 1/2" mild steel mounted on a hard as crap piece of granite,used a hammer drill on it and was still a pain!
  6. Nice little forge but two burners on a forge that small might be overkill...did you make the burners also good looking!
  7. I don't know how many bpm"s it makes but enougth and slow enough to point 1/4" stock ..I have forged probably 2- 3 hrs. at a time,the only load is start up and that's not much..It has a 15" tire with a 3" roller and uses a slide behind the hammer instead of a tup in a tube like Clay's hammers,which IS a simpler method,,,,,still the best mechanical jyh design out there IMO
  8. I have a 1/3 hp on my hammer one of the first 2 tirehammers made and still using it 10 yrs + or so later.I have used the heck out of this hammer...the head is probably 30-40 lbs..so I think 1/2 hp would work ok..at least try it..
  9. Thanks Quint,I thought it looked like an inline blower and wondered if they worked well or not....Regards
  10. I think it would,depends on how rough you are on your forge..
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