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I Forge Iron

Leaving for Afghanistan

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Monday I deploy for a year to Afghanistan as a gov contractor. My wife has falsely accused me of missing blacksmithing more than her to which I responded that one is a devotion and the other an addiction!! So I'll have to 'feed the need' vicariously through iforge. The motivation is paying off the house so I can retire and we can smith full-time and travel when we want... More later........Keith

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I'm thinking if you're lucky you'll meet a smith in Afganistan and having something in common the next thing you'll be swapping lies, drinking beer and being buddies. B)

Best luck and God speed Keith.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Why give up blacksmithing? A simple hole in the ground forge, a chunk of scrap to hammer on, some charcoal and a small bellows and you are good to go!

(when I spend a summer in Germany I managed to find an open air museum where the smith was happy to let me play a bit---actually he demanded I show him how to weld up a billet I had brought with me...)

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