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I Forge Iron

Blacksmith related phrases

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For all your days be prepared,
And meet them ever alike.
When you are the anvil, bear
When you ar the hammer, strike.
Edwin Markham

"I get a kick out of your business." (for horseshoers)

Forging ahead.

Show me a blacksmith making bathroom fixtures, and I'll show you a man who's forging ahead.

"Time sure flies when you're screwin' up ironwork." from a Turley student

"What percentage of whackage should I give it?" from a Turley student

"What are those marks all over your arms?" "Flying ash holes." from a Turley student

I'm overwrought.

"En la casa de herrero, cuchara de palo." [in the house of the blacksmith, a wooden spoon.]

cherry red; white hot

stogy (cigar) from Conestoga wagon

sweet iron (what bridle bitsmiths call wrought iron or low carbon steel). Derived from the Spanish "hierro dulce," meaning "sweet iron," an old name for the material, wrought iron.

When the horseshoe floats, the coffee's ready.

"C'mon by; the latch string is always out."

"It ain't the heavy haulin' wot hurts the horse's hoofs; it's the hammer, hammer, hammer on the old highway."

"It don't take HIM very long to inspect a horseshoe!" The meaning here is that the guy can make a quick decision. This conversational tidbit derives from what is perhaps the oldest blacksmith joke. A couple of horseshoes were lying on the shop floor, one of them at a black heat. The village slow dude enters the shop and picks up the hot shoe...and drops it immediately. The smith says, "What's the matter son, was that horseshoe hot?
"Nawsir. It jist don't take me very long to inspect a horseshoe."

http://www.turleyforge.com Granddaddy of Blacksmith Schools

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I'm not sure what do say Bob :blink: but if Bob is a nickname for Roberta . . . Okay! :rolleyes:

Frosty the Lucky.

Allow me to elucidate.
The "frosty" end would be in reference to the temperature of the steel being worked,one end relative to the other.In this case frosty=cold,not Frosty=master logger/blacksmith.
It also makes(somewhat vague) references to both the(bearfoot) author of the saying and his geographical home base.In this case Frosty DOES=the guy from Alaska and it ALSO=cold because Alaska well..
I`m sure you get the picture.I`m from Maine,if you don`t get it then it doesn`t mean it wasn`t funny.
Glad to see you rise to the bait though.Your recovery seems complete,you can take off the tin foil hard hat now :)

Your pal,Bobby

PS-Only my Mom calls me Roberta and I paraphrased because don`t speak that Roman stuff,it makes you sound like a sissy.
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I've heard "too many irons in the fire" actually came from branding cattle.

nope. have you been smithing long? once you get to where the iron hasbeen in the fire for 5 minutes or so, while you bang away at other pieces, you hace too many irons in the fire. a rancher would have only one brand in the fire.
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A branding pot doesn't get the iron nearly as hot as a forge. However, after many uses the branding iron will burn up. Mostly the handle is the weak point.

I build my irons from 3/8 by 2 or 2 1/2 bar stock. That will hold a great deal of heat so you can brand both Y's of my brand.

My registered cattle/horse brand is also what I use as my touchmark. To read it properly it is a Lazy Y Hanging a Walking Y. Though for most people I just say Double Y. You read a brand from left to right and from top to bottom.

You now have more knowledge about brands then you ever wanted! Go forward and sin no more...


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can you shoe my wife? also will you make me a brand to brand my wife/girlfriend? there are a lot of not to smart people out there....

Questions like that usually get"Sure,but I`ll have to try the shoes/brand on YOU first to make sure they work",followed by a big smile that says any number of things. B)
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Why would you brand your wife/girlfrind/husband/ boyfriend?? Then other people know they are yours.. .and will bring her back if they find them "lost"... that being the case .. It seems to me that if you need to brand your wife/ girlfriend/ husband/ boyfriend... that might not be... the wisest use of your time...

Oh .. and I have burned myself enough times with hot iron and steel.. it seems to take a while for that "seared pork chop" smell to go away... I assume branding has a similar smell..

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