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Blacksmith related phrases

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How many blacksmith related phrases (in origin) are there? How many can you think of?

I'll start off with the easy one..."Too many irons in the fire."

Add to the list.....

How about "going at it hammer and tongs"
It`s blacksmith/gunsmith related but "lock,stock and barrel"
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In early days, doors were made by one layer vertical boards, and one layer horizontal boards, nailed thru and the nails "clinched"(bent over). When the door got rotten (no Thompson water seal back then), they would throw the door on a fire. When it was burned up, they would sift the ashes for the precious Iron nails. Since the nails were bent, they were useless until the Smith straightened them out...thus "Dead as a Door Nail"

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Often heard around MY shop. "Where the *^&%% did I put that *$#@& (insert missing tool or material here ) ?" :angry:

My kids just gave me a Birthday card. On the cover was a row of cheerleaders and the old
"Dad, Dad, he's our man ! If he can't do it..."
Then open the card and read,
Then watch out, 'cuz the tools and swear words are gonna fly! :D

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To paraphrase one of my newer favorites "Grasp the frosty end".
Words to live by and help avoid phases like "Ouch"(and it`s stronger derivatives)and the ever popular "hot,hot,hot" dance.
Thanks Frosty.

I'm not sure what do say Bob :blink: but if Bob is a nickname for Roberta . . . Okay! :rolleyes:

Frosty the Lucky.
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