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    blacskmtihing, anvil collecting, tool collecting, hunting , fishing, farming...


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    clarksburg w.v
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    begginer blacksmith. like makin rr spike knives and fire place tools
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    BLACKSMITHING! , hunting fishin , and real good at B.S ing.lol
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    hay fields and the forge and chores after school work.

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  1. anvil (anvul) or (an-vil)? i say the first. :huh:
  2. speak for your self. there is a rich history in tthe studying of anvils. it maybe a "lump of iron" that made a knife that was used to carve americas history somehow.lump of iron makes me frown. :(
  3. wet it , compress it, burnit still wet. she'll coke up nicely.
  4. hey. im also from west virginia. why would you move? as dan says your literally in the heart. id trade my peterwright for something like that. I live in clarksburg, and am currently expanding my forge. look up jeff fetty (jefffetty.com) he is big in apprenticeships. he taught my uncle, which in turn hooked me. the appalachian blacksmiths association (aba)meets in ripley at cedar lakes twice a year. spring and fall. maybe more than that. just post a thread asking to speak with aba members.if you have any questions or anything just message me, then i will give my number. i just got another apprenticeship offer. ya gotta beat the smiths away with a stick round here. :D
  5. nope. have you been smithing long? once you get to where the iron hasbeen in the fire for 5 minutes or so, while you bang away at other pieces, you hace too many irons in the fire. a rancher would have only one brand in the fire.
  6. seperating mules and ponies from a maremule and newborn colt, i discovered a champion 400 blower with the original stand. the weird thing was that it said no.400. Has anyone ever saw one quite like this one? it could be that it isnt a very rare,or odd one, but i havent ever saw one like it. all that i have ever seen ( including mine ) have only 400 stamped on them. any one have any light to shed??? thanks, willie
  7. if you have a tatoo of an anvul, instead of an anchor... if you have a tatoo of an anchor being forged on the anvil... if you have a tatoo of a heart with an anvil inside... if you have the name of your anvil tatooed right beside your kids' names, your wifes name, your anniversary,social security # ... :)
  8. i was about to ask waht they were also.i wouldnt think that a gravel floor would be too awful bad. i have a bad erroding concrete floor. i would like to get some of those mats that interlock, or ones like the barbers use. that would be a little better on thebody also. :)
  9. i am going to have to sell about half of the bundle before my uncle can get the O.K to order it. how much are you willing to buy?
  10. that or i can go to my uncle's scrap yard and find it.... :)
  11. sorry it didnt work.ill try againone there for laughs. that dang snow in west virginia
  12. there is one of my forge, my hay budden anvil, my peter wright anvil, stuff i made, my shop in general...
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