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3 phase power 220 or 240?

Bryce Masuk

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I attempted to contact my electrician friend earlier today but he didnt pick up,

anyang wants to know whether I want a 220 or 240 3 phase motor, I thought I needed a 220 motor however though searching I have found the 240 volt motor seems to be more common.

I am unsure of what I need now I am leaning towards the 240 volt motor.

electrical is something I dont know much about but at least I know that much

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I can't answer this, but it may help to take a multi-meter to your breaker box and state what your 3 legs are spitting out. My power reads 120, 120, 180. I have a delta type, 240-3phase box. Some sparkys are concerned if you have a delta, or Wye set-up. I don't know why about this either, but it might give a sparky on the forum some ammo to help you.

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It all depends on a few factors. To answer I need to know what is normal power for your country? Also if you dont have 3 Ph power stay with single phase motors, rather than conveters.

US example of 120/208 "Wye"

The individual lines will actually measure about 125 volts each at the transformer. Code allows a 5% drop in voltage to the meter of the building, then another 5% allowed to the destination. In reality I have measured destination voltages from around 115 to 124 volts. This hopefully explains a little about power and where the voltage variations come from.

US is 60 cycle and has 120/208(Wye) 120/240/240(Delta) 277/480(Wye), as most common in the US, tho I have seen 575 and 4160 volts in large factories here. Delta is more common for light industry as it allows easy use of 220 or 240 Volt machines that could also have been in a single phase system. That has 2 legs at 120 volts, one at 240 (called High leg), and of course the 240 3 phase as well.

Having explained this, a 240 volt machine is going to be fine if you really do have 240 volts at your destination. Be aware that many factories would opt for the 220v machine to allow for the voltage drops that we know are occurring. All machines are fine with the normal variance we experience in any electric supply's.

IBEW 305 jiw
yup I be a sparky

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I told them I need 60hz I know that much,

I am going to move my shop into a real industrial bay so I will have true 3 phase unless I find the right place that will allow me to run a powerhammer that isnt a long ways out of my way,

(I may move the shop to downtown vancouver as I know there is always work down there and the shop I work for now has decided to give me jobs to take home, I will struggle this is certain my hope is that i can get someone to be an industrial roomate)

so it seems either will work I may opt for the 220 because of voltage drop and from i have investigated the difference of 20 volts may reduce the output quite a bit

steve h what are you typically importing when your getting your hammers they told me they are normally sending 240 volt motors, they also could have been giving me one of those trick questions when the 220 motor costs more money hoping I would just say yes (who knows I dont)

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I will give bc hydro a call and see what they say,

the problem is the hammer can take 1-3 months to make its way to canada and still need to make the base for it,

I still havent found the right location my friend has a crane truck and will move it anywhere within reason for 100 bucks so it may be in my garge for a month before i get the right place

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The U.K. used to be 240V for single phase. Then the EU decided to get everyone to use the same voltage, so now they're 230V. BUT.... the tolerance is 10%, so the only thing that's actually changed is it's called 230, not 240V! :D
And 3 phase in europe is 415V.

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Well since I asked them for 220 in the begining they told me its somewhat too late to change my mind,

Why they asked me whether it was the right motor or not I dont know,

Anyways they took the time to find out from the engineering department and found out the same answer I found,

It really doesnt matter 220 times + 7 percent is 236 volts so its probley fine to run it at 240 if i am getting a true 240 either way

either way it really doesnt matter in the end Im glad the hammer is on its way,

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Bryce whichever motor you end up with just make sure it's sealed up real tight to keep the smoke in. Once the smoke gets out it won't work any more, and the prettier the color of the smoke the more expensive it tends to be.
You now have the benefit of my total knowledge about electricity and electrical devices - please use it wisely.

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