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  1. See, the problem with posting such large picture files is that we can see your work in fine detail. Close scrutiny shows up a major design flaw with this project. It just wont work unless you get a wick for your candle. We await pics of candle holder Mk2. Well done DM. :D
  2. An interesting thread this, think I'l file it for future reference. (Insert long groan here)
  3. I can see one major flaw with this design for a smithy. MAN YOU HAVEN'T GOT A CORNER bury your unfinished / failed projects in and you can no longer tell people you'll start a job when you get a round to it, you've already got one. Oh and Glenn would be so pleased that you thought outside the square.
  4. What I like about you Grant is you have such an eloquent turn of phrase.
  5. I guess the frog wasn't doing a happy dance around the forge that day Richard, and I reckon there were a few words and phrases that couldn't be used in this family friendly forum either said or thought at the moment of discovery. If that crack was any bigger you could just about run mule tours up and down the canyons. I feel for you bloke.
  6. Looks like you need to take a trip to your nearest second hand shop Rob. Oh, ROFLMA, ha ha he he, giggle, guffaw. Some days I am just sooooo funny.
  7. Welcome home ya old bugger.

  8. Glad to see you spared no expense on the set dressing for the photo shoot Dale. Well done bloke. As for the 2.2 length, it was only short on one end wasn't it?
  9. Welcome back Frosty, I know you have a ways to go but take your time. You have been sorely missed these past months. Mick.

  10. Richard love the color, can you get it in Purple? I would really like you to post your results from using the press. I have trouble with the concept of the work piece rising with bottom die during the pressing phase, or am I just seeing monsters in the closet?
  11. Mick

    Gas forge

    Long and extended groan.
  12. Mick

    Gas forge

    "Til shade is gone, til (sic) water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day." It is generally considered good manners to credit an author when quoting his work, however Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney, Jnr.) died in September 2008 so I guess he is past being miffed at this oversight on your part. The guys who have generoulsy given of their time and knowledge responding to this thread are very much alive and could very likely take exception to your seemingly ungracious and beligerent comments. By your own statement you are claiming a unique gas forge design, with the only similarity between it and existing, proven gassers is that they occupy a similar space, yet you seem to be demanding that someone applauds your efforts, pats you on the back, oh, and by the way tell you exactly where and how to place your handy man propane torch to make it all work efficiently. I stand by my opinion that having regard to your comments you appear to have no grasp of the basic principles of a gas fired forge, but you are persisting in rejecting replies that don't suit your argument in a fairly unpleasant manner. BTW the stated volume of your forge including 'refractory that is never needed' is about 54 cubic inches. Peacock told you the capacity of your burner is about 12 cubic inches. Did you expect him to tell you that it it would be insufficient so that you could deem his response to be unpleasant? Young man I suggest you step back, take a few deep breaths then return with a more moderate attitude and a willingness to to accept advise from those with a greater knowledge, and a reluctance to argue from a stance of ignorance.
  13. Mick

    Gas forge

    Dothacker, I read every post in this thread several times before posting. You have a great deal of input from lots of people with a great deal of experience with gas. Your statement hi-lighted above clearly indicates that you do not have a grasp of the basic principles of gas forges. Do yourself a favor and read through every post in the site archives relating to gas forges, the wealth of information there might amaze you.
  14. Mick

    Gas forge

    Dothacker, your propane torch would not 'work' as a forge burner for the same reason that your brushcutter engine would not work as the motor in your pickup truck.
  15. Mick

    Gas forge

    Dothacker, you said you have been researching gas forges for FOUR years, in that time did you ever find a gas forge design that did NOT use REFRACTORY material? Do yourself a favor, stop obsessing about the most efficient location for the burner hole and have a good think about the forge itself, because you have missed the concept entirely!!!!!!! This type of forge is all about the REFRACTORY, the outer shell is only there to provide a platform for the REFRACTORY. This is why you see so many different casing materials and designs. The forge could be constructed without any form of casing if you used a REFRACTORY material capable of supporting itself during use. Steel, no matter how thick is not considered to be a REFRACTORY material. To be forged, steel needs to be heated to temperatures of around 2,000+ deg F. Without the use of a REFRACTORY material your steel box would also be heated to the same temperature in the process. This would create certain practical and safety issues, not least of which would be the proximity of your propane torch to a steel box producing that kind of radiant heat!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to persist with your design without the inclusion of a REFRACTORY material inside the box I would suggest the most efficient placement of the hole for your propane torch would be where it allows you to place the torch inside the box with the burner facing outward. That would allow you to slowly roast your piece of steel in the torch flame without having to hold the torch in one hand. Grant the patience you have displayed is almost at sainthood level.
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