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A few days before Pete got to my house for the hammer in trip, he got a spider bite on his left leg. It was swelled up and red, after the next day the swelling went down, another day passes, and I noticed the red area on his leg was larger in diameter...

Pete called me this morning. After getting home he saw his Doctor, and discovered it was not a reaction to a spider bite. Fat Pete has LYME, and he will be on treatments for a while.

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wow you guys are great!!...I just found this thread and am totally flabbergasted...thanks so much for the kind words......
evidently i got bit behind the knee on sunday july 5th....i saw my "red spot" while changing clothes....that morn my parents and i went to breakfast brunch smorgasbord type affair....i noticed the redness late afternoon....by 7-8 oclock that night i became ill...i had some stomach discomfort and manually ejected it...then i kinda felt a little flue-ish....i was leaving for the hammerin the next morn and i wasnt missing it for naught....next 2 days i didnt feel real bad but i also had no appetite....meanwhile the red spot realy wasnt bothering me or changing...i felt uneasy all week...when i returned home the spot enlarge to a band around my whole knee and became very swollen and inflamed....off to the dr...doxicillin is the antibiotic he recommended and said it also works on lymes....i have not recieved the results of the blood test yet ....should prolly on monday...not finding anykind of tic on me i figured spider bite....jury is still out....today the wound is healing ...swelling went down and its changing colors and reducing its size....weird deal
this goes along with the tetnus thread also ..... if something happens to you ... no matter how trivial u may think it is ...just go to the darn dr....maybe you cant to do that as easily as we can in this country, we right now anyway.
so....my pop fell down the steps yesterday and we got him all squared away...xrays...dr appointment, etc.... he is fine but again good medical service
Sorry if this is a long post but I figured it would be good to hear it from the horses mouth...Bottom line GET CHecKED..

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