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Damascus Rock Pick

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This is a 352 layer 15n20/1080 rock pick that I just finished forging for a cousin of mine. He is a geologist and had asked if I could make one for him. Shortly after asking, he was diagnosed with cancer. So off he goes, in for the fight of his life, and the only thing that I can do to help is try to give him a smile the only way that I know how.... Damascus. It worked, not only did it put a smile on his face, but it left him speechless...perfect! Since that day he has made amazing progress, so it looks like he'll have plenty of time to show it off.




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That's fantastic work, I love it :)

It's amazing what mundane objects people get asked to make in damascus sometimes. I've been asked for a pair of old fashioned secateurs (not sure if you call them that, so pruing shears?) and a friend of mine made a vegetable peeler in mascus :D

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I am envious of your cousin - for the pick and for his profession. Not for the cancer. That demon took my father nearly two years ago. Here's hoping he gets many good years of use out of it.

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Once you get the billet welding down (and have a harem of powerhammers like Pep does) then making pattern welded stuff becomes fun!

I've made a pattern welded pizza cutter and am working on a pattern welded spangen helm. Some of my hammers have pattern welded wedges---gotta do something with the ends of a billet that get trimmed off!

My favorite whimsy is Billy Merritt's (sp?) pattern welded railroad spike.

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WOW!!!! Where to start, first off, thanks to everyone for the caring and concideration shown twords my cousin, It is truly appriciated. Originaly he asked for a regular old rock pick, I decided to make it out of damascus after he fell ill thinking it might give him a little something to smile about, and it worked... But the best part of the story is that with state of the art medical treatment at the Mayo clinic in Houston, family support, and the fact that he is tougher than a two dollar steak, it appears that he is winning the fight. It's that strenght of spirit that I hoped would prevail, and it is.. thanks for all of the kind words, I'm glad you all like the pick, and here are a few more shots of it!!




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