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Local 20 mule team borax in new zealand

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hi bro damoscus meek
if you just put on yo jandles and grab the chully bun, yo cud gut on dun to the chummust und ask hum whut borox us culled.
Sorry Mike just my attempt at speaking kiwi, go see your local chemist, ask him whats the NZ local name for Borax, If you have a Woolworths close I'd check there 1st in the cleaning products isle.
And if theres none there you can always buy some fush und chups on the way home.
Cheers bro

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Which, the "Not normal part"? (THAT should be self explanatory) Or the "honor and pleasure to know you" part? "Normal" folk me scare more than just a little because first they just don't realize how dangerously odd they really are and that means they're just too far out of touch to be safe to be around.

Okay, maybe it's really because "normal folk just aren't much fun.


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Normal and average fall into the same basket.

To be average, one half of the population are dumber than you. You can fix that by learning and change places with the next smarter guy on the list, making him average.

I think normal falls into the same demographic, one half of the population is way over that way with their opinions, and the other have are way out there with their opinions. Normal just means you do not lean either way.

But if you surround yourself with the over there crowd, then they are normal and the what used to be normal are now over that way somewhere.

Normal is a matter of how many people think like you do in the same group. Besides how many normal people play in fire and beat on hot iron? I knew a girl that did not play in fire and beat on hot iron, her name was Abby something. Abby, , , Abby, , , yes that was it ----- Abby Normal. (reference Young Fronk-en-stein)

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Have you looked at the ingredients on the sides of the boxes at your local Grocery store to see if any of them sound something similar to borax? Then you could have some component names to ask the chemist about.

I was going to suggest alternatives from an old ordnance manual, but it listed borax as the main ingredients in both its formulas. :-(

Has anyone on this forum tried to use sand as a flux?

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Clean quartz sand was the traditional flux for real wrought iron which is generally welded at higher temperatures than modern steels and is fairly self fluxing as it is.

A more active flux like borax that works at a lower temp is easier to weld modern steels with.

However it can work just as you can forge weld with no flux if you get very good at it.

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Borax or sodium tetraborite decahydrate, is a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium (salt), boron, (a primary element in almost everything), oxygen, and water. The powdered form of borax used in cleaning is the dehydrated version.
A link to the Material Safety Data Sheet for 20 Mule Team laundry detergent.. PROSAR - [View MSDS]

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