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Found 5 results

  1. Note; this is being going to be used for a gasoline burner of my own hybrid design, reminiscent of the riel linear burner, and a coleman stove. (I've posted in the alternative gas-oil/gasoline forum on here about the details of that build.) The reason I'm attempting to build a ceramic burner nozzle is that the original burner nozzle from my gasoline burner oxidized away quite quickly in my foundry/forge, probably this was accelerated by the slightly oxidizing conditions it was originally being run at, and the burner design caused flame in the nozzle, this excessive heat destroyed the cheap exhaust coupling I used for the nozzle within the last 3 months-probably a total of 10hours of run time. So after some attempts at making the forge work with an integrated nozzle, and the coils built into the refractory, (didnt warm up fast enough for this burner design), I decided to try and make a ceramic nozzle Process I had some calcined alumina, zirconium silicate, and bentonite left over from rebuilding my foundry. Chosen composition was 97% wt calcined alumina, and 3% bentonite, final actual 96.9% alumina, 3.1% bentonite.-I wanted to minimize shrinking during firing, and drying because I only had a few hours to make it. The powders were weighed out, and mixed dry, and then 25% wt water was added, this was still too dry for hand forming, so I added water until the clay was just on the sticky side of plastic. The clay was squished, and folded until the even consistency and absolutely no difference in moisture or visual appearance was noticeable. The clay was shaped into a ball, and formed into a nozzle shape on the end of a new burner pipe (8x3/4 pipe nipple), placed onto a heating vent under cover of a terracotta bowl, and dried, then dried in oven up to 400f (200c) approx 1 hour. After this drying it was very fragile, but I threaded it onto the burner pipe to attempt to make threads on the nozzle. Placed back into the oven, and brought to 400f, then transferred into orange hot foundry, with a steel cup covering it to prevent flame hot spots. after 10 mins the burner was put to maximum, and it was heated for 30minutes, during which that was the hottest my foundry has ever gotten. It was cooled until orange/red, and then removed and placed onto the lid to cool. The nozzle has a ring to it, and only one small surface crack, shrinkage approx 2-3%, it will need to be ground out slightly to fit the burner pipe Next weekend I will test it in the foundry. Pictures Foundry minus the lid, with the old burner installed heating up. Full blast, the old burner was not functioning perfect due to its state, however it was needed to fire the new nozzle. The view through the burner shows how hot the forge is.The lid along with some extra stuff I put to maximize the heat. Believe it or not this picture was taken in the middle of the day, you can imagine the colour is extremely distorted, this was during the hottest part of the sintering. The nozzle, still very hot, cooling off on the lid of the forge. Complete nozzle, due to the shrinkage didn't thread all the way onto the pipe. Testing next week :), any suggestions or comments welcome.
  2. Anyone know where a person can send parts to be enameled?
  3. So, I have been using an Atlas mini forge and I am looking into upgrading to something bigger the only thing is I'm a little worried about breathing ceramic fibers from the lining of most of the forges I have been looking at. The forge I am thinking of getting says that the ceramic lining is factory rigidized vacuum formed ceramic liner. I don't really know what this means. By rigidized does it mean that the lining has been coated and I don't need to worry about breathing ceramic fibers during normal use of the forge? If it helps the forge I am looking at is the Majestic Forge 3 burner knifemaker deluxe. Here is a link to the forge https://www.majesticforge.com/product/3-burner-knifemaker-deluxe/
  4. If the only store that sells insulating wool not have ceramic wool but they have fiberglass wool, would that be cool or would that be a terrible idea? Any alternatives. Also just for fun, any fun or cool/wacky forge ideas that works surprisingly.
  5. Hi everyone, new here and hope you can help. It took me 20 years but I finally talked my Dad out of his old forges. They need some work but I'm excited to do it. My plan is to put 2" ceramic blanket covered with 3/8" of refractory cement in these. The question is should I put anything on the hood? Worried about creating something too hot to move material in and out of. Any ideas? ill try to post pics of them.
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