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  1. Charles, Great idea for new pan and bucket for moving it around. Do you think 16ga would be thick enough? I've got some leftover from a 3D sailfish that I made. Thanks
  2. Yep the hood is for inside but no where near the room inside to do it. I use my plasma cutter and welder outside, as well. Sand isn't an issue but good clay might be. ill see what I can find. Thanks Frosty, I've had a set designed in my head for about 20 years. That's what I planned on doing for him. I even have an old large file that was is his shop, my whole life, for material. He requested a working bear trap, though so I guess he'll get that also. Thanks
  3. I will be using coal but wanted the ceramic for weight saving. Impossible to fire these things in my shop, so I need to be able to move them out and work. What kind of pitfalls can I expect with coal and ceramic/refractory mix? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, new here and hope you can help. It took me 20 years but I finally talked my Dad out of his old forges. They need some work but I'm excited to do it. My plan is to put 2" ceramic blanket covered with 3/8" of refractory cement in these. The question is should I put anything on the hood? Worried about creating something too hot to move material in and out of. Any ideas? ill try to post pics of them.
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