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  1. I look at CL and ebay (I know, always too much $$ there) in my local area. I keep seeing the same anvils for sale. There's one, not too far from me, a 71# kohlswa. The guy's asking $700 for it. He'll probably be sitting on that little bit for a while. Then there's a 125# Hay Budden, other end of the state, Seller's asking over $1300 for it. At those prices, I'm better off hitting up antique stores. LOL. It makes that 125# Fisher Norris in New Hampshire for $395 a great deal. I'll stick with the improvised anvils for now.
  2. Buy it NOW. That's less than 1 British pound per pound of weight. Like Irondragon said, it won't last long.
  3. I personally do not like chai tea. I would consider tai chi, though.
  4. You could probably cut that down to 16 or 20 inches by the 31. That would make it really portable.
  5. Free is always a good price. 671, I can see the Singer frame as a stand for the lathe...
  6. I wonder if anyone drinks chai tea while they do tai chi?
  7. It's usually stuff that probably ended up falling off up people's truck's on the way to the scrap metal dealers or the landfill. At less than 100 a ton for mixed scrap steel, they probably don't even notice a pin or an old tie-rod falling off. It annoys my wife that I pick it up. BTW, not surprisingly, that pin was no longer around when I passed by on the way home yesterday... It would have made a nice bottom tool.
  8. Not a bad idea. Maybe he could weld on some more steel on the back sides to provide more holding area for the screws? Say some 1" tall by 1/2" thick? Just an idea. That way it should hold up better to the banging, not to mention any missed blows. IF he did that, he should do some deep penetrating welds to hold it.
  9. I don't think that 300 will affect them. But it wouldn't hurt to check up on temps if you get it running several hours, especially if you're pushing a lot of air into the fire. It wouldn't hurt to stach a wall of bricks in front of the hammers, if you want.
  10. You could make a flap, of sorts. Keep it closed when you work on short stuff, and open to pass longer items through. something only 2 or 3 inches across would be ideal. Also, I had a similar idea for that cart. HF purchase?
  11. Windows all over... I can't make any promises on name dropping.
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