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  1. Thank you JLP. Sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like he made quite the impression. I'm sure the ones who learn from you are thankful too. The caliper thing is pretty slick.
  2. Thank you Chris. I have not got around to it yet. Was there a change in upload settings the last couple months? Tried again at the mokume and had some success. Instead of clamping to apply pressure, I sandwiched everything inside a pipe and let the heavier weight of the top die set everything. I didn't need to hit the billet at all. 100% welds where there was contact. A better fitting sleeve(Pipe) would've kept things inline. I used five nickels and capped with one quarter on each end. Since I could not see the stack inside the sleeve and being the quarters were more copper than the nickels, I felt once I saw the tiniest bit of copper run out from the bottom, the billet was welded or brazed. Let it cool and had to knock it off the bottom and top die with a hammer. It was all welded up nicely. I can see some pattern. Excited to etch. I feel this method is risky since there is no visual on the billet and once it starts sweating it melts into a puddle not long after. Perhaps a "window" can be cut into the sleeve to get a visual or I can just clamp it between two plates like everyone else.
  3. For some reason I am not able to post any pictures. Anywho, I tried to make some mokume and couldn’t get the quarters to stick. I stuck them in a pipe that had the same ID as the diameter of the quarter to reduce the oxygen exposure and keep the coins in-line. I then cut a couple pressing dies also the same diameter as the coins to fit in either side of the canister and torqued them together with plates . Brought the whole thing up to about a dull red heat and let soak for few minutes. I could not see the coins so I used my judgment to make sure they were up to temp. I pulled it out and pressed in the vice. Only about 5 out of the 10 coins stuck, and it wasn’t pretty. I restocked everything while still hot and let them kinda melt. Now I have a glob of I think cupranickel. If letting the billet melt slightly, will it still show the 2 metals or will it all just be a copper color?
  4. Hello Wayne, I am curious about how you dealt with the over hang of the quarters over the nickels while making the billet. Did it delaminate in anyway?
  5. I’m case anyone was wondering if these could be used as bells. Not much of a ring while suspended by rope. Have not done much forging lately. Started this Bowie awhile back. Been working on getting the dings and scratches out before heat treat. Might do some forging today. Most time has been spent in the garden this spring. Hope y’all are holding up alright! I haven’t been on the fora in a bit, but work will be starting up again soon and more time at a desk. Unfortunately the pic of the Bowie will not load
  6. Yes, thank you Frankenburner. Sometime i get caught up in thought arrangement. About your smoke stream tests: is it possible that specific inlet shapes coupled with specific nozzle shapes can create a combustion strong enough to compress air into the mixtube?
  7. Thanks Frosty! That is a wealth of info! You definitely answered some questions I’ve been asking myself but didn’t have enough knowledge on how to ask. The impact abrasion resistance stuff really interests me. The anvil does not dent unless an errant blow lands. I would like to face anyway just to see the difference. Can’t wait to use some newly acquired terminology on the weld shop guys!
  8. Aw shucks I don’t what to say. Thank you Mike. I’ve learned that the mind is very capable if one is receptive and unbiased. The teacher plays a big role in proper translation of the knowledge and sometimes wisdom. Combustion fascinates me! Always has. There is a sweet window in an optimal burn whether it be solid or gas fuel. I’ve always said at bbqs, campfires and full moon parties that there is a science to building a fire.
  9. Nice burner Trevor. As you know Frosty and Mike are the burner gurus around here and Frankenburner is the next gen. Once you know how to ride the bike it’s easier to go faster. I definitely second Miley’s suggestions on shorter intakes. With your current design, I would apply a choke to determine where max intake air intake is without making the flame “too lean and weak”. This mark is the max opening of the next build. If not enough, a file will get you where you need to be from there.
  10. Also, the stain on the wood is from being used as a grinder table the last several months. The metal fines have sat on the wood in the weather and oxidized to create a nice stain. Similar to what JHCC mentioned earlier. I did it unintentionally kindaz.
  11. Thanks Frosty! I think it’s for a trailer hitch. The solid part “anvil face” is 2”x2” and about 6 1/2” long is slid into a sleeve and welded. I cut the wood to slide into the other side of the sleeve. I’m assuming it is mild steel and hard facing will be “needed”. I also plan on strapping both the bottom and top of the wood base to avoid splitting in the future.
  12. made a lil cold working jewelry anvil for work while sitting down comfortably in a chair or stool. It will be hard faced.
  13. Thanks JHCC, that is great! I am actually working on a wood project that could use it. It’s a good thing we are a resourceful bunch. I bet some plants wouldn’t mind.
  14. Due to strange times, I am out of work for the next few weeks. I believe I will find myself stripping scale off of older unfinished pieces and wondering what to do with the used vinegar. Anyone have ideas? BTW, everyone seems to be doing some great work keeping busy.
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