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  1. 671jungle

    3D printed plastic burner experiments (photo heavy)

    This is very cool! A game changer. The evolutionary chain is about to take a leap forward. Following closely.
  2. 671jungle

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Put'em in the forge and brought up to yellow during a short session (about an hour). Took em out after cooling and still as hard as they were before. Stuffed a 1/2" sidearm with a plenum from a bag balm tin, glued all the seams with kitty litter and experiment test fired. It lit immediately and turned up to about 5 psi before backfiring. A little adjusting and got it roaring before the tin warped and failed. But results were already in! It works! Now for a design. I can't think of any way to secure the pre Made faces to anything other than making a mold and surrounding with kasto. Lol, might as well just cast an actual ribbon. But I have these and paid for them. Creative tank needs replenishing.
  3. 671jungle

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    I ordered those Ceramic bbq blocks. I will fire test them in the forge and see how well they hold up before fabricating to them. It would be nice to have pre made flame faces. Im sure I will need to stack to avoid super heating and ignition in the plenum. But then again, I have no idea what I'm doing.
  4. 671jungle

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013H6PHE2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 these might be of interest
  5. 671jungle

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

  6. 671jungle

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Very nice build indeed. I wondered about the fire brick being used that way also. Just built a 1/2" side arm burner, this is going to be an experimental build in the quest for efficiency. A small 4x4x6ish chamber with an entire side being a burner face consisting of many much smaller outlets. Material being maybe a drilled ceramic plate or heavy screen of some sort. The emphasis is on the smaller screen-like outlets.This is a completely for fun and experimental build! thanks for ideas and input!
  7. 671jungle

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    They are very "cool" looking flames, kinda velvety. I was thinking a whole wall of a rectangular forge could be a burner. Maybe the side for controllability. The face would be a challenge to get right. There are many outlets and getting that ratio would mean lots of tedious effort in testing. Especially for a NA. Even if ratios are balanced, what would the face be made of? I didnt find any info on materials. Ceramic maybe?
  8. 671jungle

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Could a home made AGF type ribbon be made? Could it be made NA? If so, would it be practical in a forge? http://www.agfburner.com/home.html
  9. 671jungle

    A collection of improvised anvils

    Fixed it, I think.
  10. 671jungle

    A collection of improvised anvils

    i was wondering about that. I may just do that. I got the whole thing free as one piece. I chopped it up like so. I know there are special treatments for this stuff, being its probably manganese steel. I was going to take it to a weld shop or friend. Any Tips?
  11. 671jungle

    A collection of improvised anvils

    face 9 1/2" x 2" Height 25 3/3" have not welded or weighed it yet, i guesstimate 75-80lbs
  12. First three things made. Sorry attempt at tongs not knowing what real ones even looked like. Second attempt cooling in the off forge. Working on an upright rail track anvil. I have about 4 1/2'. Also working on getting a better hammer, the claw rings like crazy!





  13. 671jungle

    T rex style build

    Funny you should say that. I've been daydreaming of a 3/8 burner for brazing and such. Maybe a modified side arm. The mikey ain't an easy task, and those needle filings are good at keeping things restless. I just ordered some of those diamond deburrers. Mike, your replies and information are priceless. Especially after the humorous yet constructive criticism on other threads. It's quite entertaining. Some take it way too personal. I think I have learned to read on and decipher before posting. Oh and trust the experience of elder curmudgeons. Thanks again.
  14. 671jungle

    T rex style build

    So, as many before me I'm sure, I am diverting from my "what ifs" to proven methods. Going with inswool and kasto. While I wait for more kasto, I've completed the burner. Finally! Let me just say the satisfaction of hearing that roar for the first time is exhilarating! So tinkering and tuning Im looking for the neutral burn. Did I find it? Should I move this conversation? I still plan on experimenting with the :t-rex style burner.