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  1. I am amazed at how much quality work you pump out. Do you have days dedicated to a certain task? I.E. “tenon making day”, “carpentry day”.
  2. Thanks friends! The ornamental side of forging is my favorite in this journey thus far. Can be tricky thinking on how to create a shape sometimes so thank you for the info. I was thinking on this. Does anyone have triangular shaped peens or other oddly shaped hammers? Don't have one of those yet. Been web shopping though and they aren't out of range. Thanks for the kind complements.
  3. Hi everyone! Y’all been busy! Good stuff. I would like some pointers on a couple of things. 1. How would you put ridges on a leaf? removal, hot cut, forge? I filed the ridges in the pic. 2. How would you refine the striations in the round leaf? I used a cross peen but the corners of the peen leave the middle all rough. Maybe a light ball peen to smooth it out?
  4. 671jungle

    57 hours

    how did you do the graphics? What process?
  5. A friend who works for the railroad stopped by with a box of goodies. The date nails are sweet!
  6. I found them on the local online for $17 a piece. I talked him down to 2 for $30. Not much of a discount but they go for $25ish on the major online shops. I also had to drive 30min to get them. Not complaining, I’ve been searching for one as well. Good luck!
  7. A couple of explosive charge boxes from one of the ski resorts. They use’m to set off possible Avalanches. Not sure what they will store quite yet. Maybe flowers. Aaand... a couple of military surplus mortar cans. One will be the new quench tank, the other maybe a time capsule.
  8. Did the beginner tasks and made a couple of leaf keychains for friends. But I also melted some ALAMO clay bricks. Pretty cool! Dirt to glass! Classic alchemy!
  9. Did some light forging for the mounting plate and cut pieces for postvise stand. I will need to reorient the plate lengthwise. Was taking it to the weld shop and my transmission blew($500 2004 Corolla). It lasted about 5 years 274000mi.
  10. Thanks CTG, it was welded. Got it cut off.
  11. Old axel. Any one know how to take this apart without damaging it? The flange holes are about the same distance as my postvise mounting bracket. It would be a great stand/mount. Picked it up for free awhile back along with two 4” OD 1/4” thick T post that we’re old school clotheslines. thanks y’all!
  12. Nice. good luck! looking forward to seeing what comes.
  13. What are you melting? What are you using for molds? Nice looking oven
  14. If absolutely needed on the anvil, You could could cut a square into the side creating three walls and then full penetration weld a thick flat bar to make the 4th wall to accommodate hold downs. Otherwise the post vise will suffice for most bootom tools. I have made one using an axle upright with a socket over the top. The drive on the socket acts like the square hole of the hardy hole. You cant punch and drift with this style nor use a hold down.