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  1. This design is an attempt at an “easy” screw and press together burner using the Mikey intake slots. My major issue while making burners is producing a stable accelerator. This should take care of that although sacrificing distance adjustment. Which it doesn’t need once correct distance is realized. A choke can still be applied. The mig tip will be pressed and sealed into the 1/4” female hose barb, and the edm tube will be pressed into the mig tip. The 1/4” male reducer will screw into the hose barb, and the Mikey cut 1/2” pipe will screw into the other side of the reducer. Sand everything smooth and it should work? Establishing proper distance of accelerator would probably be tedious. The resulting system would be rigid enough to be banged around and not lose tune as it is screwed together
  2. this just brought me back. Yes, the food ties with the ocean for what I miss most. I have some pickled mango my grandpa batched up and sent as well as some chi'guan (salted and cured juvenile rabbit fish). IT IS AMAZING! I have not been back in 13 yrs. Unfortunately there is a drug epidemic that has been plagueing the island for the last 30ish yrs. Those pillboxes are everywhere. I would play on and around them as a kid not understanding the history. pretty wild now that I think back. And there is the story Yokoi https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoichi_Yokoi a Japanese soldier who hid in the jungle for 25ish yrs after the war had ended and had no idea. Sorry took so long to reply. Life strikes again. Mental illness is a real thing. P.S. I have not touched spam since i left. But I love it.
  3. I am from Guam. Born and raised native. I live in Utah now.
  4. there were a couple of them. but i have no use or space for them. too bad we cant store physical items in the CLOUD.
  5. It didn’t follow me home. METAL BIN in park city Utah recycling. If I had a truck, well...let’s not go there
  6. New forge build. Dropped the last one with the aluminum body and the kasto cracked. I didn’t bother sealing it up and the heat leak was too much for the aluminum. Which I knew/hope would happen. So, eager to build again (I think I’m more addicted to design than anything), I gathered more materials. I wanted the same D shape but even smaller. I would like to use a 1/4” burner or burners. If more than one which I’m leaning to, how many? Is three too much? It will be insulated accordingly: 2” of rigidized wool everywhere coated with kasto.
  7. these were all of my thoughts as well. I was also pondering the temp difference / efficiency of a burner with and without a ribbon head.
  8. i feel i should know this, but... Does more gas mean hotter? will three 1/4" burners match the output of a single 3/4" burner? will four 1/4" burners be hotter than a single 3/4"? Ive been in garden mode. missed alot here
  9. AA 0757 on one of the jaws and AA 0773 on the other. AA 0747 on wedge and CMC on multiple places. It also has some acid-like eaten marks and hammering or tapping marks on the wedge. Y'all are making me hungry
  10. what is eet? when pin slides in it forces the clamp close
  11. I have a upright rail sunk into a stump with about a #100 of chain wrapped around it. I’m saving up for a proper anvil. One of these days when I have enough bottles and cans to trade in.
  12. I have neighbors north and south, a park on the east and a street with a neighbor across it on the west. I don’t see much of any of them except in passing. I work outside and was thinking of some kind dampening enclosure. Just enough to muffle the ping and maybe direct it upward instead of into the living rooms and bedrooms of unsuspecting sleepyheads. I have thought about similar projects. If the greenhouse busts this year it may become the new “shop”. Ive been pondering the idea of using cattle panels to frame up a small sound deflecting anvil house
  13. Would like to smith at night while not disturbing neighbors. East side is void of residents. Ideas?
  14. Found this lathe in the ol’ metal bin. gonna clean it up after Vegas trip baby! hopefully nothin follows me home from there..
  15. This is when you have reached Jedi master level.