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  1. I have been debating whether or not to get a machine. I enjoy the mindless flow of filing and sanding, and it sure does teach finer hammer control. But if I were at a production level, the machine would be a must. I am at the angle grinder to file to paper stage. The machines probably render the finished product resistant to being inbued with arcane qualities.
  2. Anyone have favorite dimensions to start their hammers? I have a steady supply of forklift tines that I may cut into blanks and sell off to fund my smithing. 2"x2"x3.5" yields about 4lb. Considering scale loss and hole punch, would this be a good size to cut them up into? I know not all forks have the same thickness, which would change the weight. So I'm more concerned with the length of the blank.
  3. Thank you for the input. Got me thinking again. I'll add another upright which will make the sweet spot 6"x6" and still leave 7 3/4" for a horn. I would like the full penetration welds for ease of mind, and when i progress to the sledge/striker.
  4. Preferred not to cut and weld, but wanted it shorter with the same weight while increasing the sweet spot. 200ish lbs. local weld shop will do the work. Green represents full penetration welds. yellow represents a perimeter seam. It will be clamped flush while welded. Did I make a booboo? I still have the other fork.
  5. No welding experience. A single standing on end will work wonderfully for awhile I'm sure. The other...???...Heck, maybe I'll just make two, or four! Thanks IFC. I figured it would be handy. I also purchased a leather patcher last year for my Love(also a maker extraordinaire) since metal is accented so well with wood and leather. Thank you Thomas, this is where I first saw the idea. I have been on the hunt since. I applied the TPAAAT to almost everyone including calling equipment companies and it finally paid off! Thank you good Sir.
  6. Got them forks today. These things are heavy! I can’t even lift one off the ground. The head honcho told me they were scrapping a lift and these were not needed. They are practically new. Still had a sticker. They cost me a dozen doughnuts. And the bandsaw I bought from local online for $40 with hopes to convert it to a metal cutting saw. I may lost out on that one. It is classic craftsman.
  7. I have never been married, but my love is definitely my other half. Maybe a metal detector might help. Be fun to see how nature wore it for you all these years. Back in my fishing days one of the methods we used was a tide net (tekken). A strategically placed gill net to trap fish following the tides. Frowned upon nowadays but part of my fisherman heritage. Anyway, one morning while checking the net about 5’ under water, a bracelet my childhood friend gave me got caught in the net and a short bout of panic set in. Was able to calm myself and cut the net. Never again will I have danglies hanging about when working. Something about being just below the surface knowing lifesaving air is RIGHT THERE is quite terrifying.
  8. Thank you, this is what i was expecting. Knowing not all pipes have the same ID I would have to get in the ballpark and tinker from there. what is the largest burner you have used them in?
  9. Thank you Gentlemen. No biggie on the wait. I have printer nozzles and Lincoln listed .025 migs. Would you say .034 is the ideal orifice size for the home built 3/4" burner?
  10. A pair will be coming home with me on Monday. Finally a more than decent anvil, and for free too! I will be sure to bring some doughnuts.
  11. I'm not surprised. Both martial arts and smithing are forms of expression. A couple days ago I made my 2nd knife. About 10" OL. I tried to focus on accentuating the middle and bevel lines. Could've shot a better angle for the pic. Stock: coil spring.
  12. Thank you for the input Gentlemen. I do now! Thank you, that is a great resouce. The only hard copy of "The Celtic Sword" I found was running for$999.99. Yea that is a bit ouchy.
  13. nice leaf Blackegg. I like the ridges. What is the stock? Nice save. People learn a lot about themselves when challenged. For me it was learning to stay calm and methodical under pressure. Kinda evokes a flowstate of sorts.