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  1. Thanks frosty. Just having fun in the garage not wanting to forge a sword lol
  2. I'm in Lethbridge area. Question for you. Where does one source tool steel in alberta? Like when I start to finally buy new steel that's not mild steel?
  3. I am interested in the chilli. I grow my one super hot peppers too. I have eaten the hottest of the hot including the carolina reaper. And have tasted the 5 million scouville pepper extract. I am thankful for the invite. Thank you
  4. That's good news to me. Little reassurance that I'm off to a good start. Thank you
  5. Just introducing myself. I'm 34, and am new to this hobby, I built a homemade gas forge out of an old propane tank. My anvil is an old sprocket I cut up and welded back together into a chunk of steel. It's rebound is like 40% but that's ok. A real anvil is on the way. I got the Ridgid peddinghaus #9 anvil. (75kg, or 165 pounds) perfect for me. I will have questions as time goes on. Also I look forward to being apart of this community. Also my username is bustapepper because I like things spicy. Cheers
  6. I'm very new to this wonderful hobby. My first project was to build a set of tongs. Then I built a chisel to build a leaf. I built 2 as practice. Just wanted to show everyone my leafs. I'm proud of them also a pic of an old sprocket I cut up and assembled into a makeshift anvil. It's crude but pretty cool looking in person.
  7. Hello. I've been a member for a month or two, and I have finally built by first thing. A set of tongs to use. My question is on the orientation of how the tongs sit in your hand. I hold the tongs with my right hand a I built them in a way where the top reign is towards my thumb. And the bottom is is away from my thumb. Here is a picture of the orientation in my right hand To note this is the first thing I have forged. And in my mind I figured it is a great excersise to create the muscle memory and techniques to advance in my skill. Thank you to everyone