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  1. To drill stainless in my opinion use cutting fluid for drilling. And go half the speed you normally would with a little extra pressure. Slow and steady is the way to go. Stainless is very gummy material. Very tough.
  2. Started by heating the outer bearing race in the forge. Then I turned off the forge and blocked the opening and let cool for the night to anneal, . Then I started pounding with my 3 pound cross peen. Into a shape. I tried drilling 3 holes but the drill bit only made one hole. So I heated up the tang and punched the other 2 holes and then smoothed out with the drill slowly. I know how to sharpen drill bits so that helped alot. The knife is beastly as the spine is like 0.300 thick. With a minor taper going into a clip point on the edge. I hear treated to a bright red quenched in oil then sanded to see the bare steel and tempered with 2 one hour cycles at 410 degrees. Length of blade is roughly 8.5 inches. Overall length is 13.5 inches. And she's heavy. It's about 90% forged and grinder for about 10% the handle was ground and filed to look like this but was forged into shape. Just started seeing it in my head and that's what appeared to me All I have is an angle grinder so it's far from flat on the knife faces but overall it was super fun to just forge something to look like this. Now I have to flaten the handle to attach a handle. I was thinking a simple oak with boiled linseed oil. I made it so you can chop wood with it. And also chop bones too definitely not a delicate slicer. I don't know what I'm doing. Just researching stuff and doing trial and error stuff. Also I hand sanded to 2000 grit but didn't like the shiny finish that would get all scratched up so I took it back to 220 grit. I'll post a finished product when I'm not working and have time to finish it soon. I'm happy as this is my first knife I've ever forged... Damn I need a 2x72 grinder.
  3. Where does one find the materials other than mild steel at my local steel supplier. Just curious is all. I'm located in southern alberta south of Calgary about 2 hours. Thanks for the input.
  4. He actually found it at an auction. About 10 years back And he's never used it. He said he has always wanted an anvil. And by the looks. The old stand has shoes on it and the edges are completely shot on the one side so I'm guessing farrier. Good thing I'm a lefty and there's still one goodish edge. His father was a blacksmith and he told me he's tried but just didn't have the knack for it. The Hardy hole was full of cob webs so it's been sitting awhile. My old sprocket is now my new cutting table so that's good for me
  5. I using it right now and I understand the importance of rebound. That with my 2 pound cross pien. I can swing all day
  6. This one is around 130#. Can't quite read the stamp. But there is a 13 and looks like a 4
  7. Was chatting with my girlfriend's neighbor and telling him about how I'm going to start my new blacksmith hobby. He's like 84 and asked me if I had an anvil yet, so I sais to the guy, I built a makeshift one out of an old sprocket and that will make due until my anvil comes. Which is like 6 weeks out accoarding to the shop I purchased it. Not on their end. It's Ridgid peddinghaus themselves that's taking so long. But the wait will be worth it. So he tells me he has an anvil I can use until mine comes. He said I'm too old to swing a hammer so it's just sitting there collecting dust. I of course took him up on his offer. Now I think I might forge him something in return for the nice offer of generosity
  8. Thanks frosty. Just having fun in the garage not wanting to forge a sword lol
  9. Ordered a Ridgid peddinghaus #9 anvil. 165 pounds will be perfect
  10. I'm in Lethbridge area. Question for you. Where does one source tool steel in alberta? Like when I start to finally buy new steel that's not mild steel?
  11. I am interested in the chilli. I grow my one super hot peppers too. I have eaten the hottest of the hot including the carolina reaper. And have tasted the 5 million scouville pepper extract. I am thankful for the invite. Thank you
  12. That's good news to me. Little reassurance that I'm off to a good start. Thank you