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  1. TSC nut coal is too big. You need to break it up some. I don't know what nut they're comparing it to but it must be a coconut. Anyway build a good fire from kindling and put a double handful of coal that you've broken into pieces around one inch on it when the kindling is burning good. Turn the air on and when the coal starts to catch add another double handful. You'll have a good bed of coals by then and should be able to start working. Don't be ashamed to use a plumbers torches to get it going If you have to in the beginning. You have to have a fire to manage if you want to learn fire management not to mention blacksmithing. Fire is just a tool. The steel doesn't care if you started it with a striker and steel, a bow and drill,or a blowtorch. You can work on starting it with one match as you go on but you need a fire to blacksmith so getting it lit is the important thing. It will get easier. Fire starting i think has a perishable skill aspect to it. I noticed how much easier I could get a fire of any type going when I was using fire everyday. After a few years of not using fire I had to re learn some things. Good luck,be safe, and remember it's supposed to be fun. Pnut
  2. Definitely like a thunk. Ring like a bell not so much. The little 66 pound anvil I just bought is going to take some serious dampening. I'm going to put silicone,a chain and a magnet along with screwing it down as tight as possible. My rail anvil is quiet. It's mounted in a garbage bucket of very fine dry aggregate. I've heard people say how much they ring but I can only hear the hammer hitting the hot steel. Hopefully I can get the little cast Steel one as quiet. Pnut
  3. pnut

    Leg Vise Spring

    I looked through my meager resource pile and don't have anything that's suitable. I'm going to go to the local TSC and buy a yard of 1inx1/4in flat bar. Tractor supply is five minutes away and the steelyard is closer to thirty. They also don't like non commercial customers showing up during the week so TSC it is. If TSC is out of 1/4in. I will end up waiting till the weekend and going to the steelyard. Pics to follow. Pnut
  4. pnut

    My friend

    We're pulling for him out here on the Dry Ridge. Hope he makes a quick recovery. Pnut
  5. I think I used that same burn spray before. Iirc it has lidocaine in it. Pnut
  6. pnut

    Cool Pliers

    I could see it being very handy in an upholstery shop as well. It's pretty similar to some of the work a cobbler performs. Pnut
  7. Isn't that called a clip hammer? Pnut
  8. I really like that anvil. It looks very functional. I especially like the transition from horn to face. Pnut
  9. If electrical energy were converted into mechanical energy with no loss, it would take 746 watts to lift 550 lbs. One foot in one second. Pnut I copied this directly from Industrial Hydraulics by Richard W. Vockroth
  10. Looks to be working fine. Smaller pieces of charcoal make a huge difference. I shoveled up three five gallon buckets of charcoal from someone burning brush. I'm glad I got to it before the rain. Pnut
  11. I don't see a prop either. Looks to me like that's the prop on the craft sitting next to it. Pnut
  12. I have an old nine inch one from the eighties that's kinda scary. You have to have a death grip on it when you hit the power switch. They definitely make shorter work of most Jobs compare compared to a 4 and a half inch grinder. I only use the larger one rarely. Most things the small one is plenty enough to do the job. Pnut
  13. I need to work on plain handles and get those where I like them. I try to get proficient at doing one project and then throw in the next complication. I haven't been forging for a while either. I'm going to have to sharpen myself back up to my previous dullness Pnut
  14. Nice. I haven't tried a thumb latch yet. It's on the list. Great work as always jen. Pnut
  15. Send Glenn a private msg. Pnut Gas Forge Refractories and Supplies
  16. pnut

    Forge HELP

    I can't figure out how to get to the clipboard on my new phone so I will just suggest you check out the topic, a simple side blast forge (just a box of dirt) Pnut
  17. That's the problem. Since I've been on Coronacation I haven't felt compelled to do anything. I'm getting far too lazy. If it wasn't supposed to rain I'd get out and get the forge lit but I forge outside and have to keep the forge in my vehicle. As soon as I get it lit and good and hot I'm sure the sky would open up. I can even smell the rain so it's probably close. Pnut
  18. Nice work Judson, Yves. I love seeing hinges and latches. I seem to be a little obsessed with them right now Hahaha. Pnut
  19. I'm only guessing but it looks like something you'd use on a fence. Pnut
  20. That's good to know. Makes it much less hassle. Thanks. Pnut
  21. That's the only place I've ever seen that technique. I'm pretty sure we discussed it in a post I made or possibly someone else's post. Anyway that's the only place I ever seen it mentioned was in the UN publications. I think my question was why wouldn't you just weld it in like a bit and you told me about the splattering episode. Pnut
  22. As I get older it seems I'm never comfortable as the weather goes. Summer I too hot and humid and winter is too cold usually. I do like winter much better because I can always put on warmer clothes but I prefer about 60f if I'm working. I guess I'm turning into Goldilocks. This day is too hot this day is too cold but this day is juuuuust right. Unfortunately it seems like there's only about three days like thata year now hahaha. If I had to choose though I'd choose winter. Pnut
  23. Have you burnt a piece of steel in your forge? That was the first thing I did the day I started trying to weld. That way I knew that the forge was capable of heating the stock enough to achieve a welding heat and I knew how hot was too hot. After burning the stock I knew if I failed at the attempt to weld it was on me but mainly I did it to watch the colors as it approached a welding heat. I don't know if anyone else has done this intentionally and like I said I don't Forge weld a lot and still am far from being able to do it consistently but practice makes for consistency. Pnut
  24. It's unrelated but I just seen a PBS program about the formation of the scab lands in Washington state and the English channel from the rapid failure of glacial lakes. The flood thing made me think of it. Pnut
  25. I didn't make it any farther than the first intimation. Pnut
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