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  1. Glenn II

    Christmas items 2018

    Well, I would have thought leaving a nice slice of med rare prime rib, local craft brew, and a generous slice of home made Pecan Pie by the fireplace that maybe i would have seen a 40 lb. bag of lump charcoal? No dice. What did you try Das? Thanks for the Intel Santa Powers.
  2. Glenn II

    Christmas items 2018

    Not exactly sure how to take this, as it is my first Blacksmith Christmas. I'm not sure if I was "Naughty or Nice," but either way I did not receive any Coal for Christmas! It was all I asked for. Although I'm feeling a little disappointed, Santa did leave me a box of Oatmeal Cream Pies and a Butcher Block Brush in my stocking.
  3. Glenn II

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Had a busy day in the shop today. Had some good helpers too. Since Christmas hasn't come yet, they weren't wearing their aprons yet. My son made a toasting fork from 1/4"(6mm) mild round stock. He's 10, but did the bending and twisting of the handle. He ran the blower while I hot cut the fork tines and dressed them. We had fun working together to make it, but I believe he liked the testing process more! My daughter made her first split cross from 1/2"(12mm) mild square stock. I helped hold it while she did the hammering. The texture was hammered in with a fencing pliers. Finished the day with my first leaf on a wall hook made from 1/2"(12mm) mild square stock.
  4. Glenn II

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Made a reverse twisting jig today like I had seen on a link from this site. I'm quite sure I must have around 50 open end adjustable wrenches (crescent wrench.) Took me longer to find 2 of the same size and shape than it did to build the jig. (After the jig was done of course, I found wrenches everywhere I turned in my shop.) Then made a steak turner to test it out. Made from 5/16" 1018 square bar stock, wire brush and olive oil finish.
  5. Glenn II

    Christmas items 2018

    I like the color bleed. It really enhances the 3rd dimension (depth) aspect of the project. Like a real tree, it creates a shadowy hint on the inside of the tree. Near the bottom where the branches may be a bit thin, you can see the trunk. Well Done!
  6. I've seen a pair of anvils at an auction that I wouldn't have paid $40 for. They both went to the same gentleman for $385 each. They were around 35-50 pounds, and we're in real bad shape. I figured I was better off hammering on my RR tracks than either of those chunks of metal. I don't remember the brands, but they were definitely abused.
  7. My great grandfather built one using a car axle. He made it in the 1930's, so the car was from the earlier 1900's. Had this shape and dimensions. Square on one end, round on the other with about 1"(25mm) of the round end threaded. You may be able to find something like that?
  8. Safety First! Lift With Your Legs using proper ergonomics. Plan and clear your path. Carry the load low and avoid twisting motions. If it's too heavy to safely load by yourself, get some help from a friend or mechanical lifting device: hoists, boom crane, forklift, payloader. Also, think about how you plan to unload and move it when you get home...
  9. Glenn II

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Maybe this will help your confidence JLP... LOL. My first, or rather second actually, split Frederick's Cross. (The first attempt succumbed to a crack when I tried to flatten at too low of temperature.) 1/2" square A36 steel, brass brush finish, coated with SC Johnson paste was, faux suede cord.
  10. Glenn II

    Christmas items 2018

    Thomas, I really can't think of anything too clever to come back with, sorry. Thank you for the ribbing! As I'm sure you're aware, Hobart is the brand name of the aprons. But that would have been convenient if it was our last name.
  11. Glenn II

    What did you do in the shop today?

    If you get porosity, stop! You cannot weld the pinholes away. They need to be ground out. Welding over the top seems to drive the porosity deeper into the parent metals. In my experience, porosity is usually a gas issue. Check your cone, and difuser, if they are plugged you don't get proper gas coverage. For MIG, I usually run gas at around 25-35 CFH. I was instructed in tech school that it is possible to over apply gas, and create a Venturi type area around the weld pool that contaminates the weld by drawing in atmospheric air. Maintain proper distance from the cone to weld pool to get adequate gas cover.
  12. Glenn II

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Made the cork screw a few weeks ago, but trying make a matching bottle opener was a bit difficult. It was a good thing I was low on supply of stock for making hooks, my bin is now we'll supplied! These will be items for sale in a state Auctioneer association contest in a few weeks paired with a bottle of wine and a six pack of local craft beer.
  13. Glenn II

    Christmas items 2018

    My kids like to do some Smithing with me in the shop and I needed to get them some aprons to stay clean/safe. I figured since it was so close to Christmas, why waste the easy gift idea? Also figured instead of giving them each an apron, I'd give them their own apron, personalized with their name on it. I wasn't sure the tanning process used on the leather so took precaution to have plenty of ventilation when I burned their names in.
  14. Glenn II

    What did you do in the shop today?

    JHCC- I caught a video on YouTube a while ago about how they "fix" neck bridges on guitars. The material is made of either bone or ivory, and after much use the guitar strings will cut through the bridge making the instrument difficult to tune or even play if the damage is severe enough. They file new material of bone or ivory into dust and combine that with super glue to make a paste. They fill in the damaged area, allow to set and cure, then file it back to it's proper shape. In the end, the repair is hardly noticeable. That may be a possible solution to fix your cracked handle. Might be worth a try and possibly easier than replacement of the whole handle. Sort of like bone Bondo.
  15. Glenn II

    Damascus with only hand hammers?

    Will W. - Sprint cars are Direct Drive. No Transmission, No Gears (except differential gears in rear end housing), No Clutch. There is a shifter to disengage drive line from engine, but the drive line cannot be re-engaged with engine running. Starting the engine with a starter motor would be like trying to start an old manual transmission vehicle while in gear- you'd burn out the starter motor after a few attempts. When you're talking 850hp and speeds under 100mph, the weight of a 4lb starter motor is not an issue. My apologies for being off topic from the OP, just wanted to correct a minor inaccuracy.