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  1. Cruising the beach at Sandy Neck on Cape Cod and packed up for a trip to Florida from Mass. Scoot
  2. Morell Metalsmiths in Colrain, MA. will sell coal by the bucket/s (bring your own). Call first. Nice ride out there. Scoot
  3. Just think of it as a tool. Whatever orientation is comfortable, whatever surface is useable (within reason ). Don't let someones idea of how the horn should be facing constrain you. Think out of the box type of thing.
  4. Thanks Lou. Not quite sure yet what is planned for this weekend. I do appreciate the invite. Thanks again. Scoot
  5. Hi Jen. How are you? Is there a flat piece of glass already covering the lenses? If so, maybe you can use the protective film made to protect the glass on iPads. I have used this product for other than its intended use. It can be cut to shape with scissors. Ipad size looks big enough to make a handful of lens covers.
  6. Alex. How can you concentrate on work with such beautiful lighting and landscape as that. It probably didn't last long..............So........Back to work. Scoot
  7. You also want to make sure you do not have metal chips in you eyes if you are having a MRI. The magnets tend to move the metal around.
  8. Very cool. My son would love it. Nice style. Nice design. I like it.
  9. Registered online. In for the weekend.
  10. Practice makes perfect. The last one looks fine. If you think you can or need to get it better. You will.
  11. JPL. Planning at least one day at the NH meet. Grandsons graduation that weekend.
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