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  1. If you put your location in your profile, there is bound to be someone that can direct you to a place where you could take some classes, or get in some forging time before you invest more time and money.
  2. I'm by no means an expert. But, I seem to see 'OLE' on the side in one picture. Mousehole Anvil? Not a bad pick up either way.
  3. In the San Diego area, you should look up Vista Forge. They are a Community/School, and have classes and some great people there that could help in your endeavor.
  4. draavi

    Screw press force

    Previous post...
  5. Mountains in the western U.S. are younger, vibrant, growing. In the eastern U.S. they are older, tired, and worn.
  6. Good thing we are having a drought in California, or it could get real bad.
  7. That is a very nice turtle. They are pretty much obsolete in the printing industry now, at least as far as the original purpose. a great many printers still have them as utility tables because they are built like tanks. I think that there is a good deal of value to these as far as collectors go. Nice pick up.
  8. I saw this... very cool. The pattern is supposed to travel through the entire billet.
  9. draavi


    A cat's footprint will be rounder or even wider than it is long. A dog's, or wolf's, would be longer than it is wide. I like that idea, very cool.
  10. Thank you. I currently use a good old hunk o' steel. But, as someone who is still on the hunt for an "anvil", this helps!
  11. Hope no one comes in and says... "it would look better in THAT corner".
  12. I use a printing industry line gauge. stainless steel, pretty cheap, measures in inches, picas, and several other obsolete print measurements.
  13. So, what I'm seeing here is that the British government is acknowledging the existence of zombies.
  14. What size are these? And, if you don't mind me asking, how much do you sell them for? Always looking for something that sells.
  15. Mirriam - Webster... Full Definition of forge 1 : a furnace or a shop with its furnace where metal is heated and wrought : 2 : a workshop where wrought iron is produced or where iron is made malleable On the name... maybe switch the order to something like Raven Fire.
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