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  1. I will possibly put the guard or some semblance of it/one back on once it's all done. I especially think the brake is a winner. Just need to flip it around and do a minor redesign. Thomas, I used to play and referee paintball in the Packard plant back in the early 90s, good times ! Frosty, I am seriously thinking about that ironworker but I just dont have the real estate for it. It a flywheel drive unit and is surprisingly not that large considering it's working capacity (3/4 x 8" plate !!!) It weighs between 3 & 3.2k # per old literature. That's as it sits without ele
  2. I was blessed by Thor (or Tubalcain) himself ! I scored a 100# Moloch power hammer in Wonderful condition. It looked rough at 1st but a little power blasting and removing the owner added guard, and now it looks the proper hammer. It was in a decrepit building in Flint, Mi that was a parts manufacturer for Buick back in the day. It was sitting under a non existent roof and partially covered. I am SO glad I was able to get her out of that tomb and into a loving shop. Yes, I'm a big guy !
  3. Nope, no sacrifices this week ! It looks much better now that I removed the OSHA guard and pressure blasted it. Everything freed right up with zero disassembly so I'm gunna do a few minor things and NOT take it all apart. Time to clear coat the patina and put her to work !
  4. Here's my new project. 100# Moloch I will be chronicling the rebuild on my F.B. page. I'll post a link once I start.
  5. My tub is an HDPE 40 gallon ? from our fireworks business (bulk Amonium Nitrate) and it does have a lid, now gainfully employed the tub is indoors but .... Thomas, I do most all my work with HR / A36 and it's use as a quench tub is because I'm impatient to let stuff cool, especially when I need to touch it for whatever reason before moving to the next step or make changes. Never had hardening/cracking issues, but now I most certainly will. It also serves as a quench tub for my belt grinder and band saw + welding and torch work. Nearest hose is 150' away so easier to just have it.
  6. For years I've never had issues but this year, I have a TON of mosquito larvae in my tub. never really though about it until now, but what do others do to minimize the stagnant water woes ? maybe I need to use it more often
  7. Looking for the correct stand for my Buffalo 14" hand crank blower. should look like this. does anyone have one with a junk or locked up blower mounted to it ??? Todd
  8. Jon, read through this as well. a LOT of the same questions with answers plus the way I did mine. Todd
  9. DaMaakus.... they are for my Aunt-in law for her cottage. She has 3 grand kids that are not real good at respecting things. Great kids, just need some polishing. 58er... WOW !
  10. Toasting forks for the aunt. 3/8" H.R. I may add a matching poker but I'm out of 1/2" and don't feel like drawing out 5/8...
  11. I finished the 2 roasting forks for the aunt. (The ones I burnt my leg on) 3/8" sq. H.R. (blech) 32" tip-tip. Nothing too fancy. They will probably be left outside and abused by children.
  12. I've been in the welding, fabricating game for 30+ years and had my share of stupid + ignorant mistakes. Burned a hole between my big and 2nd toe from arc welding with nylon topped tennis shoes on (33 years ago), Caught the shoulder of my Carhartt on fire Mig welding on a trailer (5 years ago) and so on. the stories "we" could share given enough time. This caught me totally off guard. I wear a long apron but stand 6'3" and I can't think of anything I could have done different other than leather shoes, but even those could have 'issues' in other ways. Sadly, it's the nature of the game.
  13. Aren't all boots 'open top' ?? Jen, I was wearing my jump boots (11" tall) under my Jeans. the ledge they made was enough to catch the bar just right.
  14. I started on toasting forks for xmas gifts. As I was upsetting the 3/8 bar on the anvil, it slid off the edge and right into my leg where it promptly stopped at the top of my boot, wedging itself into my leg..... time for some leather chaps !
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