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  1. That was only 15-20 minutes after lighting it.
  2. The inside glowed high orange/yellow , im not sure how hot that is though, im not plannjng on opening it up again
  3. I believe it to be asbestos, not 100% sure though, none of it is exposed so its all good.
  4. I finally got a real forge working, its the same franken-T-burner as before, i got the body at an auction for 20USD, it has some opaque glass like refractory that is in direct contact eith the flames, aroun that there is an 2 inch layer if asbestos (not sure how healthy it would be to work with ), and then fire bricks. It works amazingly well, ive only run it for 10 minutes so far, but it gets really hot. The ohiti was taken right after lighting it for the first time, later the entire inside was glowing red
  5. I found it on armourarchive, i just changed the cross a bit
  6. Thanks, its secured with metal epoxy. its profiled to fit the right hand.
  7. There she is, finially finished ( its been finished for a while but i couldnt pust cause we had no wifi). I decided to leave the hook idea because there was no way to make it work and look good, so i drew out the tang and did a hidden tang . What do you think ?
  8. Yes, that would ruin a hunting trip ,now wouldn't it ? I will keep posting photos at it progresses
  9. I am going to make the handle with slabs, it will have a guard as well. I want to keep the spike and forge it into a hook for slitting open the belly without damaging the organs.
  10. the spike I referred to is the part to the left of my hand , it was the original handle for the rasp. That handle is the part in my hand , or is that a tang ?
  11. Thanks thomas, I gave that book a look, it is really interesting, mine is a lot like the one on pl 14, only more intricate. Mine has 6 stomach plates and 14 lung/kidney plates , but otherwise its the same . Thanks again , Michael.
  12. Thanks, it is a hacking and chopping shape, but I'm gonna use it for hunting, to slit throats, debowel and skin animals. I'm going to give it an African mahogany handle and a leather sheath that will attatch to my belt at the lower back. Basically what I'm saying is that it will chop (bone) butnothing heavy duty like chopping down trees. Thanks for the reply, Michael.
  13. What so you guys think ? this is my first successful blade. I made it from a ferrier's rasp, its a mix between a panga machete and a khopesch. The blade is 29cm long, with an 11cm grip/tang ( I'm not sure what to call it in this case ) and the spike at the end is 7 cm long ( that was the RASP's handle). I'm thinking of keeling the spike and giving it a bit of a curve. Its name is shark skin, due to the very rough texture of the rasp.
  14. Thanks for the tip, I'll keep an eye out for it. In summer we get up to 55°c, so I wanted to keep it breathable so I don't die before a fight.
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