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  1. So here’s the thing. I live in Milwaukee Northside. I don’t have a lot of space for a yard, in addition what I do have has a lot of ignitable things, weeds trees, etc. so I’m weary of a charcoal or camp fire burn because I don’t want to risk some of the embers flying on to other properties, as well as the smoke, because city ordinances with open flame etc. the reason I was thinking the coffee can forge is it can be done on a controlled environment in my garage, open the door if the insulation gives off fumes it’d be a nice controlled safe flame in my garage with little clean up or concern for surrounding environment. Also it seemed relatively cheap. Just trying to work with in my perceived restrictions. Look to make 3-8 inch knives
  2. That’s an accurate assumption. My main concern is room that’s why I was going with that one and not wanting to get charcoal all the time. I do appreciate your advice. So I assume u would recommend ajbod type set up. No condensention intended I do appreciate this advice
  3. Thank you. Much appreciated. I think I’m going to end up making a small coffee/paint can forge. Seems like it’s the best set up for me.
  4. Hi. Hopefully this isn’t completely stupid but I’m just starting to get into knife making. Haven’t made one yet infact. Any way. I want to make a forge for cheap. I found three cinder blocks in my garage and wondering if it’ll work for forging small blades. I am hoping to use a blow torch as heating source I have three blocks. I’m goinf to close out small gap at top with fire place brick and sneak the nozzle of blow torch through a whole in the top. Will this work for 6-8 inch blade forging. Please see photos attached. I just don’t want to burn down my house