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  1. Rusty hammer build along

    Ran it hard for three days with no major malfunctions. The way I had the dies set up to be interchangeable isn't going to work. It also hit much harder with a bit less space between the dies, but I was out of adjustment range, so I added a block of steel under the bottom die plate. I'll eventually need to lengthen the push arm to make up the adjustment. The weld between the bottom die and die plate cracked a little, and the bolt between the hammer shaft and top dies showed some pretty good wear. Looks like for the short term I'll have to weld up the interchangeable die parts to something more permanent, or at least change how the dies interchange. No structural failures or damage.
  2. huffing at high temp?

    I'll try and capture a flame pic. Also have a couple of different sizes of mig tips around, may try a smaller and see how it goes. I am 100% sure part of it is wind, as I've observed that on multiple occasions. Still, seems to do it even when it's not windy.
  3. huffing at high temp?

    Could the position of the mig nozzle relative to the air intake impact this problem? I have slack to move the nozzle forward or back in the tube. Took it apart and verified no clogs or junk in the nozzle.
  4. huffing at high temp?

    Alright, forged about four hours today. Welded some Damascus also, very clean welds. Huffed intermittently all day running at 10 psi. Pulling the nozzle past the edge of the forge wall, further from the chamber, has no impact.
  5. Rusty hammer build along

    40 pound head. Tuned it up some More today. Hits plenty hard.
  6. Rusty hammer build along

    Tightened up a few more things after this, but I was able to forge a tapered socket mandrel from a piece of 1.25” round in about 5 heats. https://youtu.be/eTUtDKn1mmg
  7. Rusty hammer build along

    Here is a picture of the toggle linkage that lifts the motor up into the drive wheel. I revised this from a simple lever, and it works much better. Stepping down pulls the top bar forward, which lifts the motor. A couple of 90° joints and pivot points and it works pretty good.
  8. Rusty hammer build along

    Today’s the last day of my road trip. This hammer must absolutely be running by next Monday. Expect the finishing touches this weekend.
  9. Rusty hammer build along

    Final pic of the anvil assembly. 400 pounds. Linkage between the push rod and the spring pack. Final tire assembly
  10. Rusty hammer build along

    Yeah, maybe the big heavier guide up top to handle the stress from the spring/roller, and a smaller more precise one on the bottom to tighten it all down. Drawing out some options.
  11. Rusty hammer build along

    I was worried about the hammer ends hitting the guide more than anything... should have been more worried about the control. I've thought about adding a second, smaller guide as low as possible, but I'm thinking the better solution is to grind the current guide loose and lower it.
  12. Rusty hammer build along

    Here's the guide installed. I'm thinking of cutting it off and lowering it a couple of inches, as there's still more slop in the head at the dies than I want to see. I got the push arm attached, and hooked up the motor and treadle. I ran it about four or five hits for proof of concept, but still have some tack welds to finish welding, and need to add some lock washers in several places. I'll take a few more pics of the motor mount and push arm assemblies likely this evening. Won't likely upload a video for youtube until It's running all the way right.
  13. Rusty hammer build along

    First major error. Got the column together and figured out that the column was a foot too tall. That 4” square tube is 3/8 wall, killed a chop saw blade but got it cut down and re-welded. Back on track.
  14. Rusty hammer build along

    So far I'm only in around $200, and 160 of that is the motor. The rest was all scrap from a buddy's ranch. when he put the ranch up for sale, all the scrap had to go. As far as the welds, I agree, they are what they are. I don't intend to go wide-open crazy on this thing, and plan to take things slow. Most all the heavier welds were beveled, and the flat pieces ground down to clean metal. There's rust, but not in the joints. I intend to add some more support bracing as I get farther along as well, to take out some of the potential stress from movement on the main column.
  15. Rusty hammer build along

    Here’s the part I was most worried about. The anvil for the hammer is. 32” piece of 5.5” round stock, at 215 pounds. That is then inserted into a mud pump sleeve that’s another 175 or so, and also 5.5” bore. Now y’all know a hole has to be bigger than the thing you plan to stick in it. I polished all the rust out of the sleeve, then worked over the post with a flap wheel to knock off all the handling gouges and high spots. With that much weight, there’s not an easy way to test fit. It is all or nothing. I welded on some lift points to the anvil so I could lift it with a come along. I set the sleeve underneath, and used the come along to slowly lower the rod into the sleeve. I’ll be darned, it slid right in there. Whew!