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Found 3 results

  1. Recently due to my wife experiencing serious health issues, Neurological Technicians were sent to our home to set up equipment to monitor my wife’s health. When the last one left, he took more than he brought with him. HE TOOK (STOLE) HER WEDDING RINGS AND A DIAMOND BRACELET THAT I GAVE HER WHEN WE GOT MARRIED FIFTEEN YEARS AGO ON THE 15THOF FEBRUARY. It was the perfect crime. The medical community has harbored them, and will not Provide any information about the people they sent into our home. They will not even provide information to the Sheriff’s Department. I watched my wife silently process what happened, and it was heart breaking for me to see her. I write this knowing that only a few people will read this. But if it gives you a “HEADS UP ABOUT BEING VERY CAREFUL ABOUT ALLOWING ANYONE IN YOUR HOME,” it will accomplish what I wanted to do. KEEP IN MIND: they came wearing their official medical clothing, representing “the distinguished medical profession” that somewhat disarmed me. So Now: “IT IS TIME TO GET UP AND DUST MYSELF OFF” I was a blacksmith (by trade and as a hobby) for over 60 years. As I got old and ill, I no longer had the strength to forge. After I become ill, I specialized in forging small items, and the trick was to learn how control heat with small stock, and that is what made it a challenge for me. As opportunity would have it, several years ago my wonderful Mormon neighbors ask me to make them some Horseshoe Nail Rings that they called a “Prairie Diamond Ring”. The Mormon Pioneers were frugal, and made due with what they had as they crossed the prairie to come to Utah. Over the past few years I have made close to 500 rings that they give out when they travel (called the Trek) part of the Mormon Trail. SO NOW IT IS MY TURN. I forged out a “Horseshoe Nail Wedding Ring” for my wife. I forged the head and crown of the nail into a heart shape. She is happy, and then, so am I.
  2. Made a couple of hoof picks for my mom an sister. No I didn't make the horseshoe.
  3. So, my 12 year old daughter (one of the twins) wanted a hunting knife. I couldn't find one that I was comfortable with her having so I decided to make her one. I've rigged up a little charcoal forge out of an old cast iron sink and picked up a nice piece of rr track for an ASO. I had several horseshoes laying around off of our TN Walkers. Jayme loves riding and hunting so I made her a horseshoe knife. Keep in mind that this is my first attempt at anything forging-related so don't expect to see Excalliber! I'm not entirely done with sanding and finishing, but I thought I'd show ya'll what I have at the moment. I somewhat heat treated the blade section and it is a little harder than the handle (quarters and heel) so while it does hold an edge somewhat, it won't cut a cord of wood if you drop it. I stamped her initials on the heel, which will get a good polish. My initial and the year is stamped on the back of the handle (not shown). Maybe she'll end up using it as a letter opener as an adult. Might even pass it on to her kids when I'm old and gray-er.
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