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  1. Jbradshaw

    Crazy pricing on D2 and other steels

    Can you share who the seller is?
  2. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    I looked the thread over for a 1/2" burner before posting that question. Clearly not well enough. Thanks for pointing me to that post.
  3. Jbradshaw

    Missing part

    Thanks for the link. I have a vise that is missing the spacer too. I will forge one since it's a good excuse to practice scarf welds.
  4. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Has any one figured out how many holes are needed for a 1/2" burner yet? I just picked up a helium tank that I'm going to make a smaller forge out of (I currently am using a 20 lb propane tank) and I'm thinking a 3/4" burner will be too much burner for it.
  5. Jbradshaw

    bull head hat hooks

    Ausfire: did you have any luck with figuring out the goat head? My wife just tasked me with putting one on a bottle opener to throw in a trade we're making for some host milk soap. Those bulls head hooks look great.
  6. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Mike I'm thinking we met in April at the NYSDB meeting. If you want to check out the burner, or get together otherwise, let's take it to the DM function to not clutter up this thread. Jonathan
  7. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    SaltCitySteel to Frosty's point about local members. I'm guessing you're in the Syracuse area based on your username. I live in Camillus. I have built two of these burners, but haven't gotten around to building a forge for the one I kept yet. If my assumption above is correct I can show you the one I still have ( I gave one away to a friend in the area). It could save you the (very limited) work of making the form by using the one I already made.
  8. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Is there a preferred forge shape for this type of burner? I imagine it doesn't need the swirl that a round shell will help produce. But a square interior seems to me to have a lot of wasted space in the upper corners. Maybe a "D" shaped interior? Or maybe it doesn't really matter?
  9. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    I haven't built a new forge for this burner yet but I was able to just for the block through the door in my current forge. I stayed lit with no problem. It I forgot to take pictures. Now to get materials to build a forge around it.
  10. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    An update. Using furnace cement to seal the leaks around the edges worked. Obviously I'll have to see how it holds up to use. The cement is supposed to be rated for 3000 F so I don't anticipate a problem. When I fire the burner up in open air it wants to blow the flames out, even at low gas pressure. I haven't tried it in a forge yet so maybe some back pressure will fix that. Has anyone else had this issue? What did you do to fix it?
  11. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Thanks for the quick answers. I picked up some furnace cement (package says it is rated for 3000 degrees) on the way home from work. I will order some Kastolite too since I want to cast at least one more burner. And widen the walls on my form before casting it.
  12. Jbradshaw

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    I have now cast two heads using Frosty's original description for the plenum and number of holes. The refractory I used is Mizzou, because I had some on hand already. On both of my castings I am having an issue with leaks along the long edges. On one I tried patching over the area with more Mizzou with no luck. I think I may have built my form too tight. The Mizzou gets crumbly where it meets the metal in a thin layer. I think at least a 1/4" extra on each side would have been more successful. Has anyone else had issues with a good seal at the edges? Were you able to patch the areas successfully? I am thinking of trying some high temperature furnace cement before I scrap them and start over. I will have to buy some more refractory before I can try casting again. Has anyone tried more than one refractory for casting ribbon burners? Did you find a greater success with one vs another?
  13. Jbradshaw

    Burners 101

    Mikey, I started pricing out the parts to build a vortex burner a couple of weeks ago. Ultimately I decided that I would skip it for now since I was basically looking to build one just to build it (my 3/4" Mikey burner heats my forge just fine but I like to tinker). Now you go and start talking about them again and I may have to jump into a build (I'm currently waiting for the refractory to dry on some ribbon burners following Frosty's design, one of which I'm going to try to power with a Mikey burner instead because why not). I will have to check to see if the tubing I have leftover from building my previous Mikey burner will work for any of the parts on the Vortex burner. John, That diagram is very helpful. I was having a hard time visualizing what was going on with the aluminum block.
  14. Jbradshaw

    Burners 101

    A tutorial on making cones would be much appreciated. Now that it's cold out I'm going to be working on burners again. This winter the plan is to make a some NARBs. I will be trying it with the already proven Frosty T first. But I also plan on powering one with a Mikey burner. I'm thinking it would allow one to modify the flame from rich to neutral to lean as desired. I also want to give a go at a vortex burner this winter. Hence wanting the cone tutorial (though I guess I could just buy funnels).
  15. Jbradshaw

    If I ever say I'm going to build it instead...

    I worded it that way intentionally hoping to begin some discussion about the feasibility of doing a bolt together version for people that don't have access to a welder. I ran my thought process above by a mechanical engineer friend that trains at the same Muay Thai gym as me. Unfortunately he did not want to give a firm answer without running some math.