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  1. i am a small blacksmith and want a shop. how big of a shop do i need for a back yard shop
  2. how to you anvil finders and blacksmith tool finders find your tools? I'm a young blacksmith trying to get a anvil for a minimal cost or possible free. how do i find anvils in my town?
  3. I haven’t got it yet I still need to pick it up from the auctioneer. The age is a little chipped edge on one side and the other is fine.
  4. I’m in Missouri and I just got it and it looks good
  5. How much do you guys thing a Eagle Fisher 135 lbs anvil is worth
  6. can you use A36 or low carbon steel to make a knife. i was wondering this because my local steel shop only sold that.
  7. looking for a 4-6 in jaw vice so i can do twists
  8. hi i am looking for some cheap coal or coke near st. Louis Missouri
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