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  1. This one's easy. When the threat of having to move all that stuff to where you really don't have the room. A bunch of my "cool" stuff is going back to the scrap yard it came from for a penny on the pound.
  2. Thanks Glenn I will be ending my stuff out for heat treat in the beginning. I believe in tackling one part of the monster at a time. I've been around long enough to know that if I attack the whole process I get lost in the details and never accomplish anything. One step at a time.
  3. Makes sense to me. Thanks. I've done some reading (more than just this forum) but this is the first time I have read any mention of Grain Growth. Off to read more.
  4. I ordered some knife making steel and neglected to order the correct thickness of 1095. There is no room for forging so, unless I sandwich it between some softer steel then forge weld it, I am looking at stock removal as the only way to use this in a single steel knife. I am not looking to open up any stock removal vs. forging can of worms. Is there a structural/strength advantage, on a microscopic level brought about by forging that is not there with stock removal?
  5. My dad had a major stroke and heart attack 10 years ago. He was not supposed to walk again, talk again, use his hand, and not live that long. He walks, talks (the king of dad jokes), drives, constantly fiddles with fixing things and is plenty healthy. He was very touch and go there for a while. The doc suggested a therapist which he fought until mom put her foot down. He started getting rid of his photography equipment with a doom and gloom response to everything. Mom wasn't having it. Once he started going to the therapist and yes he was on antidepressants things started to improve drastically. He credits climbing out of the depression he did not know he was in, as what started his recovery.
  6. My reasoning for not wearing a respirator was "It is just a little welding." It was a day of dumb decision making.
  7. How is everyone? From my brief reading it is good to see the curmudgeons are still healthy. Fired up the forge a few days ago to see if it still worked and all is well. Heated up some metal and hammered it flat. Man my arm is out of shape.
  8. Howdy folks. Been a while. The forge was put aside when life got super insane last august and has just now been dug back out. Which brings me to the reason I am writing this. I have a welding table that, until Monday, did not have wheels. I ordered casters and asked, when ordering, if they were galvanized. He said he did not think so because it was not in the description, but there were some that definitely were, that were the same cost. I distinctly remember telling him I did not want galvanized. When they came in they sure looked galvanized but the receipt did not say. I thought about it and decided to grind it very well and all over not just where the weld was going to be. I seriously considered soaking it in vinegar then grinding but did not want to mess up the bearings (sp). They were galvanized and I clearly did not get it all ground off. Joint pain set in a couple hours after welding that I assumed was old age then it got worse. The head ache hit hard and later I felt like my whole body was buzzing. Tuesday was horrible, and today a lot better. Still hard to focus though. What lesson did I learn? If it looks galvanized, IT IS, and needs to be treated as such. Don't weld on it. Bearings can always be regreased. I got most of it ground off so this was a minor hit. Don't mess with this stuff; at all.
  9. Life has gotten all kinds of hurried and hectic. I haven't been near my forge for over a month. I finally got a few seconds to pop in do a little reading. So as I run off to put out yet another personal fire I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to a bunch of folk who have helped me quite a lot. Thank you. Once life calms down I will be back at it and back asking more questions.
  10. Thanks bigb You needed to stretch out a bit more though. The scrap goes further down and off the image to the left. How did you post that? The Track is off the image on the bottom, maybe half an inch in the piles.
  11. Page Steel's scrap yard. On my days off (if I get one during the week), much to the wife's chagrin, I go see what they got. Lots and lots of good stuff. Always something new to see. If I knew how I would post a google earth image of how large this place is.
  12. My condolences. This is a thought I can't even fathom.
  13. Interesting thing about that book. Before we were even married I was told to read it. I did. Turns out she didn't. An elderly friend of hers thought I needed to be tested and manipulated my then hot girl friend (now hot wife) into putting me to the test. 20 years later I still bring up stuff from the book with a sly smile on my face.
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