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  1. Some pictures of the 600lbs Niles Bement Pond steam hammer I recently brought up from Texas and set up. I ran it on steam to begin with, but currently I'm using air from a 185CFM diesel compressor and a 500 gallon tank, with 2'' hose connecting everything. it hits darn hard, but will be in need of a rebuild sometime soon. I built a motion lever mechanism very similar to the one Grant Sarver had, and it works absolutely tremendously. I'll make a youtube video about it at some point, but there is some videos of it running on my Instagram: @ethanharty I will try to add more pictures later, as I keep getting an error message:)
  2. howdy from WA, very cool to find you on here.  i watched your video titled making 100 round hamers as soon as it aired give or take,  (this was before i had discovered you channel) THAT POWERE HAMMER THO! and i loved the segment  where you gave us a little insight into your journy as a young black smith, the trip to the UK, and so on. 

    ill admit im not like a alec steel super fan, i only recently discovered who he was. i good do with 25 segment videos. BUT i like his and sam and was happy to see them expanding and laying a foundation for an actual what should be succussfull business, i think he's put the work in and id rather see people spending their money on something made from someone whos done the work. but when i saw the vid of the unboxing i was like what....domestic outsourcing? whats keeping then from maybe not spending 5 months on a fuckings sword breaker with a diomand encrusted edge and just fire up the power hammer. then i thought more about it speculated that maybe alot of him being where he is now was likely alot to do with the work he put into youtube and his fan support. so if thats true that would make each upload a valuable part of business.. but 16 parts g'dang... joking. then i watched your video and it all makes sense and now i want a hammer!   not to mentionn the hammer eye tongs! one day

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      im so embarressed by this post


  3. Thank you sir id saw it was just a little awkward. It was very tiring, not because it was heavy (it was less than 20 pounds) but because the motion that the handle has to travel in is a little different than in you were to swing yourself, so you end up working against the other person sometimes. If you just got comfortable at it over a few days, great power and accuracy could be achieved. it was cool how much BANG it had when it hit hot steel, compared to a normal sledge.
  4. Maybe most of y’all know this Already, but I thought I’d post this here too. I hope everyone is doing well. Back in June, I was hired as a demonstrator for canIRON, and it was an absolute honour and one of the best things I’ve done in my short start to my career as a Blacksmith. I invited Mark Ling to come up and help me out (he’s the well known “littleblacksmith” that used to post here lots) Anyway, we wanted to forge a 2 handled sledge, as a special project. So we forged through the night, with a decent crowd, with only strikers, a two handled sledge. And we were very happy. Here is some pictures.
  5. Your a keener;) yes exactly as you said, I am now making the hammers for Alec’s brand, and there’s now a series of YouTube videos showing the process on the first batch. It’s on my channel “Ethan Harty” for anyone who’s interested. It was a great honour to be part of this business dealing. ill leave a few pictures here incase anyone is interested.
  6. Thank you, I should clarify when I’m talking about forging, I mean hot forging! Like at a red heat.
  7. Here are some pictures of a new beautiful French “rhino piggy” I have recently acquired! 340 pounds
  8. Hello everyone, long time no see. i have tried to melt down old copper pipes, make ingots, and then forge them, with no success. Is copper always forgable (meaning the problem could come from impurities such as the solder on the pipes) or do you have to treat or stir it the way you would with iron? Maybe anneal it lots? Help appreciated! Ethan
  9. I recently got two new stamps made, a 1" and a 3/8" I'm really happy with them. I feel its a good stamp of approval!
  10. As some of you know, I purchased a 1 CWT Alldays and onions power hammer last year maybe around this time. I've been extremely pleased with this hammer, however I've had a ton of problems with my hammer, most are caused by my own ignorance. for example, I had put way too thick of oil in it when I first got it, and it completely crippled the hammer. for now I'm going to post some pictures and videos of the hammer for walls enjoyment and eye candy. when I have time throughout the next upcoming weeks, ill post specific photos of problems, and how I solved them. I hope I can give back and provide some value for someone out there. I received a huge outreach from people with these hammers when I had problems, such as Owen Bush, Allen Evans, Alec Steele and many more. Kevin Willey seems to be the beaudey man, Mark Krause seems to be the pneumatic man, and I want to see if I can be the Alldays Man;) I look forward to posting about my screw ups!here is a youtube video I made detailing my hammer and here is a video using the hammer to forge a Damascus machete
  11. Thank you very much frosty. I think that's what I'll end up doing... thanks again ethan
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll consider that when I plan to poor the concert
  13. Thank you very much. I will be sending you an email. I would probably mount the base for it on a pad or something like you said, but the trouble in my situation Is that my new shop space is dirt. So i would have to pour a pad anyway.
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