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  1. Here is a close up of the side with the horn facing right. Thank you for the wonderful help as usual.
  2. Hey y'all, long time no see! I borrowed this anvil from a friend, and he was moving and graciously gave it too me. After some careful (haha) studying, I thought it might be a real arm and hammer anvil. It doesn't look like an English anvil, or a hay budden. It looks like any markings on the side have been smashed out, if there were any, but there are some on the front foot as pictured. Thank you all for the help in advance.
  3. look who showed up! you are very welcome. before I ship everything, ill take some nice pictures and post then for who ever wants to see. Ethan
  4. nice hammers, I particularly like the touchmark
  5. hello again, I have been away from the commuter a wile... thankyou guys so much for the help! and to say the least, this information is worth more then my power hammers top die
  6. hello everyone, please if this has already been brought up. from my understanding, a typical flatter for the power hammer looks like the photo attached. is it possible to, instead of having a half cylinder on top, have a completely rounded top(like half of a large ball bearing)? I would think this would make you not have to be perpendicular to your piece if its a taper, and if your are slightly off, the rounded top would prevent it from flying across the shop. thanks ethan
  7. great tongs! good structure!
  8. thank you all for the feed back! I will show you a finished product!
  9. very nice
  10. Very sorry i should have put, it was a farriers rasp.
  11. Hello again i have been asked to forge some timber framing slicks. They are mild steel with a fire welded blade on the back. So I was wondering what temper colour or temperature I should camper the blade two, assuming it is and for oil quenching steel. And should I temper it in an oven to get the temper even throughout, since the blade will Where away, be sharpened and eventually get shorter? thoughts ethan
  12. last time I posted here was, what I know a small engine spring compressor, thanks to your responses, and apparently that was too easy, so I got something harder. friend dropped this off a couple of days ago during a visit. he said he had it for 30 years and didn't know what this one is. hope you can figure this one out.
  13. man, be nice to come visit some day! really enjoy the pics!
  14. my 2 cents I am going to use a rounding hammer for example: cheap hammer brazeal(or custer, steele, or maybe me...) geometry: - round face is round - round face is squashed ball(more radiuses) weight: - 1.5-2.5 usually - any weight up to 6lbs heat treat: - risky -very good other: -I would end up putting in a different handle - well set, good handle looks: -shiny -awesome process: -drop forged - hand forged cost: -40-70$ -200-250$
  15. I have no clue what that is, but it looks pretty cool!