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  1. Zachary

    My latest pattern welded attempt

    I used a handled hot cut to cut. That’s the only wood I have that was big enough to do the handle. I’m trying to find some more nicer wood. Frosty I try to manage my expectations!
  2. Zachary

    My latest pattern welded attempt

    JPH thank you sir. The only problem is it didn't turn out like expected but then I kinda expected that!
  3. Zachary

    My latest pattern welded attempt

    Thanks Frosty I'll have to remember that!!!
  4. I was trying for a feather pattern but it didn’t quite work out like I was hoping. The handle is zebra wood and a homemade sheath. Steel is 15N20 and 1084. I’m pretty happy with it although there’s plenty of room for improvement.
  5. The blade is 136 layers of 1084 and 15n20. The handle is ebony with red spacers and mosaic pins. I tried to follow some advice some of you gave me the blade tapers from the spine to the edge pretty much and I think I got a little distal taper. The final edge grind isn’t quite what I’d like I think because my thickness wasn’t as even as it should have been. I’ve got a long ways to go but I’m pretty happy with it.
  6. Zachary

    Hunter gatherer

  7. Thank you gentlemen!!
  8. Here’s the second pattern welded blade from the same billet as the last knife I showed just a different pattern. Handle is stabilized spalted maple. I had some advice on the last to move my grind up higher but this was already ground and polished and I didn’t want to redo it all so I’ll try that some other time. There’s still a lot of room for improvement but I like it.
  9. Zachary

    What style/shape blade is this?

    Yeah what they ^^ said
  10. Zachary

    Blade Show, months later <Photo heavy>

    Very nice!!!
  11. Zachary

    First Pattern Welded Knife

    Yeah I carefully read the directions (this time) before I used it and tried to be careful.
  12. Zachary

    First Pattern Welded Knife

    That’s the problem! It appears to be more of a helping you in group!
  13. Zachary

    First Pattern Welded Knife

    I need to remember that. You happen to know a gentleman by the name of Bruce Teegarden?
  14. Zachary

    First Pattern Welded Knife

    There are a couple groups about 45 minutes either side of me.