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  1. The guard was a cut off from another pattern I made.
  2. It swings real nice. I haven’t had a chance to test it out on my wood pile though.
  3. Thank you gentlemen. I started out with a piece of flatstock 1" x 2" x 6.5" I'm not sure of the exact length but that's within a quarter inch.
  4. Here is an axe I just recently finished. It’s the first double bit I’ve made I’m fairly happy with it. It’s made from 4140. I did learn that there are lots more things to keep straight and lined than a single bit axe!
  5. I’m between Nappanee and South Bend you’re only a few hours drive away. I’m just out of nice dry wood at the moment I need to work on replenishing my supply. You should stop in and visit my shop sometime.
  6. Sadly Billy I’m not sure I could duplicate the pattern either.
  7. I’m in north central Indiana. About 20 minutes south of the toll road.
  8. I used a press and a power hammer. I think what happened is I forged the bar on edge a little to keep it from getting to wide and in so doing rolled the edges over to look like your picture.
  9. I split them like your standard picture. I'm not sure that I had everything standard before that though! That's pry why the pattern turned out that way.
  10. I used a handled hot cut to cut. That’s the only wood I have that was big enough to do the handle. I’m trying to find some more nicer wood. Frosty I try to manage my expectations!
  11. JPH thank you sir. The only problem is it didn't turn out like expected but then I kinda expected that!
  12. Thanks Frosty I'll have to remember that!!!
  13. I was trying for a feather pattern but it didn’t quite work out like I was hoping. The handle is zebra wood and a homemade sheath. Steel is 15N20 and 1084. I’m pretty happy with it although there’s plenty of room for improvement.
  14. The blade is 136 layers of 1084 and 15n20. The handle is ebony with red spacers and mosaic pins. I tried to follow some advice some of you gave me the blade tapers from the spine to the edge pretty much and I think I got a little distal taper. The final edge grind isn’t quite what I’d like I think because my thickness wasn’t as even as it should have been. I’ve got a long ways to go but I’m pretty happy with it.