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  1. I have the 55kg Anyang absolutely love it! The dealer recommended a pad below the frost line and 3’ x 7’ with 1” styrofoam insulation around it to isolate it. So mine is sitting on a block 4’ deep 3’ wide and 7’ long. If I’m running it flat out you can feel it just a little on the cement outside 20’ away or so.
  2. Thank you gentlemen. These were slit and drifted. For me that’s easier. I ordered my aqua fortis from a place called track of the wolf.
  3. These are made from 4140, browned with a hardened and tempered cutting edge. The handles are curly maple stained with aqua fortis and sealed with tung oil.
  4. Thanks. I’m partial to the friction fit handles myself.
  5. I finished these up the other day I’m pretty happy with the way they they came out. They are 4140 steel that’s been browned with hickory handles.
  6. The guard was a cut off from another pattern I made.
  7. It swings real nice. I haven’t had a chance to test it out on my wood pile though.
  8. Thank you gentlemen. I started out with a piece of flatstock 1" x 2" x 6.5" I'm not sure of the exact length but that's within a quarter inch.
  9. Here is an axe I just recently finished. It’s the first double bit I’ve made I’m fairly happy with it. It’s made from 4140. I did learn that there are lots more things to keep straight and lined than a single bit axe!
  10. I’m between Nappanee and South Bend you’re only a few hours drive away. I’m just out of nice dry wood at the moment I need to work on replenishing my supply. You should stop in and visit my shop sometime.
  11. Sadly Billy I’m not sure I could duplicate the pattern either.
  12. I’m in north central Indiana. About 20 minutes south of the toll road.
  13. I used a press and a power hammer. I think what happened is I forged the bar on edge a little to keep it from getting to wide and in so doing rolled the edges over to look like your picture.
  14. I split them like your standard picture. I'm not sure that I had everything standard before that though! That's pry why the pattern turned out that way.
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