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  1. He is asking about the quality. I guess I don't see where he asked about a Prius or a Dump truck.
  2. I'm sure your father will be very happy and proud! Trimmer
  3. What I see as painful is leaving that cone mandrel in the hardy. Trimmer
  4. I just put a coat of kast-o-lite in my forge. When can I coat it with the plistix? Do I wait until the kast-o-lete is dry, or put the plistix in and let it all dry together? Thanks for the help, Trimmer
  5. The transmission on my lathe died today. Upon further investigation I found several gears with several teeth missing. Can anyone tell me where I can get a transmission? I am looking for a Drive All model 200. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Trimmer
  6. I was attempting to punch a hole the other day with little success! What I would like to accomplish is a 3/8" square hole in a piece of 1/2" square stock. What I was doing was prick punching the stock before I put it in the fire to be sure to be able to know where the hole was to be located when removed from the fire. Upon removing the stock from the fire I would use a prick punch to punch all the way through the stock. I would put it back into the fire and reheat - upon removing the second time I would drive my 3/8" square drift though the hole. The problem is that there is not equal amoun
  7. I made a button a few weeks ago for a shooting bag! The way I found to do it was to take a hole saw the size i needed WITHOUT the pilot bit. Clamp the steel down to a drill press table and drill your plugs. Next file the edges nice and clean. Find a carrage bolt with a big enough head that you can pein the plug on to to get the dome shape you want. Then solder a cotter key on the back so you can sew it to your pants! Good luck Trimmer
  8. I try to keep my anvil nice and clean, but the moisture seems to put a lot of surface rust on it all the time. Can I cover it with bees wax to prevent the rusting? Trimmer
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