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  1. Sink the longest shot on record using nothing but his magical ball pein given to him by the great hermit wizard....
  2. What a fantastic paper. I wonder why Yellin wasn't brought in on the project. Edwards was obviously a wonderful designer and the smith's working to put his vision to reality were top notch. Was Yellin asked and turned them down, did he just let Edwards take it on as his own right of passage?
  3. Following , interested . I just looked them up on Google maps . It looks real. They have two pics linked and there looks like a sweet large pile of coal. They are about 137 miles from me. Hmmm, road trip?
  4. Frosty wins. Its really unfair . Due to his TBI you could say this topic is engrained in him.
  5. Its probably a material called Nitinol. I have a little machining experience with it. Not fun to machine. I don't know if it will make a very good blade though. Its a magnificent tough material. I just dont think it will be hard enough to retain a cutting edge.
  6. Awesome thanks. It helped me get my head around it. Looks great from that side too.
  7. Awesome job Joel. Do you have any pictures of the candle cup? Specifically the bottom and back side. I'm interested in how its wrapped and or put together.
  8. Wow. You have your work cut out for you. I can't speak to the casting directly but I have a few points that may help you decide. The castings will probably need a machining operation. I don't think you will be successful casting in the cross holes accurately. Also what is the size of this part? It may save material costs by fabbing together. Is this a contract job or your own government work? In other words are you working for free or do you need to bill it? The material savings you may realize could be consumed by labor in fabrication if you have to bill the hours. Cool project though. Keep the pics coming. Bestof luck.
  9. They look to me like knives off a green chopper or flail chopper. Did one edge have any hint of bevel left from a cutting edge? If they were that they should be pretty good steel. I wouldn't know what type however. A hardening test should tell you quite a bit. Start with an oil quench.
  10. I'm not sure wether or not it is forgable. I know in the machining world that cobalt drills are a step up from standard high speed steel drills. They drill better, you can push them a little harder, and they last longer. The posts I have seen recommend against forging high speed steel, I would think it would apply to cobalt as well.
  11. Wow. Brother! I'm humbled and honored to be the first to comment. You have a sickness that I admire! :-)
  12. Thanks everyone. Yes I made sure they were safe. So much so that I neglected my own safety and got a couple spots baconized. They can learn from that too right? :-)
  13. Hey everyone. I'm very noob to the craft. Not a whole lot of experience but really enjoy every minute I get to play with fire. Today a couple neighborhood kids stopped by to see if my 14 year old wanted to go do something. I knew Kid 1. A neighbor kid. A good kid but has had a rough home life. I didn't know Kid 2. I was just heading out to make a hook to secure the door on the rabbit cage and got an idea. I asked the boys what they were up to. "Nothin ". Did they have plans? "No". "Do you want to play with fire?" They looked at me like I had two heads then looked at each other like they just found gold. Kid 2 says "YA" with more enthusiasm than I expected. I was concerned but just said follow me. As we walked I asked them if they knew what a forge was. Kid 2 says yes. "That's what a blacksmith uses to make swords and stuff". My thoughts, maybe he is a pyro but he might have a brain. We dragged everything outside and i got to do a demonstration. I showed them what coal was and what coke was. Then I showed them how to light the forge. I demonstrated how to do a two sided taper, a four sided taper, then a round taper. Then I finished it up with doing a scroll. They asked good thoughtful questions. When I was done I asked if they wanted to try it out. Kid 2 was enthusiastic and said he did. All three ended up taking a turn at a two sided taper and scrolling. I cut off the scroll for them to take home. During their turns we talked about hammer control and swinging the hammer instead of pecking at it. I may have planted a seed. If nothing else I kept them all out of trouble for a couple hours and maybe gave them a little knowledge. They said thanks and rode their bikes out the drive. I made my hook and packed up. I had to go to work. If they get real interested I'm going to need a lot more coal. Oh well. There is worse things. :-)
  14. I haven't tried to upload any. I am just trying to veiw them on my Android. Referring to Homeshow's post. I have messaged Glenn about it. He has responded and is aware of it. I know there are a few people working really hard on it and i really do appreciate it. It seems to be a thankless job but let me just say THANK YOU ALL. Back to my other point; i just want to be able to see the pics. If anyone knows of a fix or end-around to use on an Android i would sure appreciate it.
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