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  1. I am a Finlander that grew up in Park Falls, Wi., about 60 miles from UP Michigan border. The culture is definitely unique in the northwoods. My wife tells me that all the women in Escanaba remind her of my mother.
  2. Ya, Hey and "Guys on Ice" too while eating pasties in Negaume !
  3. Yes, I went there and picked up a ton of bituminous in my pickup truck. The coal has a size that goes from large marbles to walnut size. I tried it out, and it worked well in my opinion. Good heat and very little clinker. I was able to get it to coke up on the edges and worked about 3 hours with 1/4 " to 5/8" rod and some 1" square stock. The day I was there, 2 different guys were loading up trucks and trailers. One took 5 ton and the other took 7 ton. They were using it for outdoor furnaces to "tide them over for the night." The fellow told me he expected around 10 guys to load up that day. He picks up coal in southern Illinois as a haul back load on his semi during the summer. He had several large sheds full of coal. If he can load your truck with his bobcat skid loader, the price is cheaper than if you load up containers etc. Rustyfinn
  4. I just seen a coal source for bituminous coal from Illinois being sold by Central Wisconsin Coal Sales in Neskoro, Wi. Has anyone had any experience with this vendor or Illinois Bituminous coal? Thanks Rustyfinn
  5. There is so much info here that I get by searching that I haven't asked about much. I read the posts on hoods and chimneys and absorbed some of it. I'm trying to use my portable coal forge 24" X 36" with 10" X 14" firepot and Western Chief hand blower. I get a lot of smoke and fumes that I need to dance around the forge to miss. I'll put a hood on to try to improve the situation but how high a chimney is practical for this setup. I can get any diameter pipe to use from 6" to 12". I can weld supports from the table to the base of the chimney etc. Probably could make it detachable also. Rustyfinn
  6. Great video idea and great pine cones! I will look forward to see the assembly video when it is finished.
  7. Thanks to all. I have a few things I can do now. I have a tank outside now that condenses water out real well as the high was 14 today with probably below zero to night. No problems today. By summer I will redesign.
  8. My current air consumption runs quite close to the needs of the cutter. I do have 2 other compressors that I'm thinking of using. Both are 4 times larger than my existing compressor. Your suggestion of larger storage and compressors sounds good. I'm not familiar with the centrifugal type of separator though. I'll have to research that. Thanks much for the info Brian.
  9. Thanks for the info. I have a filter/water trap on it now and it works well in the winter. My problem is in the summer when humidity hits 80-90 percent and it's 80 degrees outside. My plasma cutter doesn't like the water. I have a chemical dryer added at the cutter that turns color when water comes through. I can bake the pellets dry and reuse them but it can get to be pain. I may try to attach lines to refridgeration setup to help cool air and add automatic popoff drain for water, then use filters etc.
  10. Does anyone know what the maximum psi that can be run through flexible copper or rigid copper "plumbing lines"? I want to add a section to my air lines to cool the air to aid in removing water from the air this coming summer.
  11. I've been reading the posts for a few weeks now so I thought I would see if I could make a post work. I retired 2 years ago after teaching "shop" for 36 years. I have taught mostly 9-12, but have also taught post secondary technical school and a couple of years at U of Soth Dakota. I have not done much smithing, but did some buiding construction, foundry work, machine shop, and welding at various times when I was not teaching. Mainly summer jobs for extra cash. I have been spoiled by having shop facilities at my disposal, so I never equipped my own until lately. By this spring,I should have shop finished and I should be ready to fire up my forge and give smithing a try. Site looks great! Rustyfinn
  12. Hi Just been lurking for a few weeks here. Just ordered this book from Barnes and Noble for $7.99. Here's the link My link Rustyfinn
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