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  1. I think it's too nice a thing just to languish by your fireplace. That old beauty is crying out for work!!
  2. ausfire

    Uses for Catalytic Convertor material

    Weld some spines on and make an echidna.
  3. ausfire

    Glass Anvils!

    Ice anvils!! I knew our resident inventor Brasso would think of something. Not easy to do in any detail, but these little guys would be a hit after a hot day at a hammer-in. A nice refreshing drink with an anvil ice cube.
  4. G'day Dale, I saw some TV coverage of the remembrance ceremony. Very moving. That tree looks spectacular. Cheers from the tropical north.
  5. ausfire

    Just a photo.

    Summer is damage time for us. Tragedy here in Queensland. Only three weeks ago people were praying for rain after years of drought. Rain came.. and came.. and came. Devastation on a scale never seen here before. 300 000 head of cattle lost. A sea of water hundreds of kilometres wide has just wiped out livelihoods of graziers in North West Qld. I know a lot of those station people from my previous work as a teacher with School of the Air. Lovely, hard-working rural families. My heart goes out to them.
  6. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Finally got round to attaching those old bed bits to a back board. They were scrap pieces from some old Victorian era wrought iron beds.
  7. ausfire

    Show me things that move

    I'm not much good at this movie taking, but here's a try from my phone. The dancing girl is made from some old pliers, a bicycle sprocket, a spring and some other bits. She pirouettes on an old motor from our air conditioner which was struck by lightning. It has a very smooth action. She sits on our deck table now and when we walk past, a flick on the skirt will keep her spinning for a while. Hope this video works: IMG_1773.MOV
  8. Well, you could forge a bottle opener. Good for a drink after a harrowing experience.
  9. Don't know what sort of steel they are but they weld easily. Great for scrap art - bird beaks/claws, scorpion legs, etc. I have made punches from them, but there's better steel about for that.
  10. ausfire

    Ouch, Local Anvil Prices

    Old vs New. I get asked just about every day whether the old anvils are better than new ones. I am non committal in my reply, just sayin' that my old Kohlswa is good quality and we like it because it is old and fits nicely in our historic setting. I show them the 95% ball bearing return and there are gasps of astonishment. But I do add that you can buy new anvils today that are high quality and some that are not so good. Make your choice according to your wallet. Among the usual questions, I got one the other day I have never heard before. A lady asked if the blacksmith in the early days worked long hours every day, as many did, would he wear out an anvil? Didn't quite know how to answer that one.
  11. ausfire

    stone curlew

    Yes, the big lizards are loving it. Townsville is just about through the worst of it now, but the clean-up will take a long long time. My son was lucky - his house was surrounded by a sea of water, but none inside. And no crocs.
  12. Ted, thanks for the pic of the punch and the info on its use. I use the ball end of a small ball peen hammer, applied straight down. I can see how your angled approach adds a bit more mass.
  13. Ted, those are really classy openers. The lifting tabs are so neat. Would you care to show us the punch you use to achieve that? And if that is 'goofing around' your serious work must be awesome!
  14. ausfire

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Aha! Thanks for the info about those sickle bar mower blades. We do have a few sickle bar mowers, but they are vintage types. I have used many of the long points they have as bird beaks. I think Das as used them for that too. But the ones in the picture must be the modern equivalent. We have no modern sickle bar mowers (I googled them) so I don't know how these finished up in a pile of vintage scrap.
  15. ausfire

    stone curlew

    Das, those sickle bar things will make good wings on another bird. They weld quite easily too. And I can hear those curlews wailing as I write this. They love rainy nights. Massive flooding in Townsville at present. It even made the BBC news in Britain I'm told. Frosty, this is the first one I've made trying to make it look like a curlew. I've done others with the stones that look more like fat storks. Maybe I should find some smooth black basalt rocks and make some crows. Stone the crows … or something.