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  1. The coating on alloy chain is no good, and the steel alloy is different from manufacturer to manufacturer.i will use high carbon chain and powdered metal for the project.See i did my research,and know how to google. Too many xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx here .:(
  2. What about grade 80 and grade 100 chain ? i used a long grade 10 bolt for a tool.
  3. I am sorry if i offended anybody.since it is my fault i will leave the forum and not repeat my mistakes on the other forum, thanks for the info though . A forum is not for asking questions .
  4. This forum is easily offended,hence i apologize.i just wanted this forum to see a small country's forges ,blacksmiths and products. From now on i will not post offensive posts.this is the second one i got hated for.Why so much hate? No one is posting any hateful things.
  5. These blacksmiths were born into the trade their fathers and grandfathers were too.their last name is blacksmith in their language please scroll down to see their 12 pound sledgehammer anvil and an earthen forge with a small piece of steel on top! than look at the quality of their khukuris .the one i got has an integral hand guard 1 inch thick and a pommel that is nice.and heavy duty!!! https://www.thekhukurihouse.com/khhi-kamis-the-makers
  6. Ask to borrow a dual action sander aka as a D.A. to gently sand this down with 180 grit sandpaper .that is gentler than a hand sand.nice anvil.
  7. I am simply happy to start something i have knowledge , not bragging.the anvil is old chipped and the surface and horn are not perfect.i am not a blacksmith but i am by no means stupid.i mastered many ferrous metal trades.now i put all that information i learned and put food on the table.
  8. The man wire brushed ,and never welded it because it was not used since i would say 1950's era.most definitely not welded or the chips would have been repaired,right?anyway the face is used but acceptable condition. I
  9. I bought my first anvil .it's a really old Kohlswa #148 pound anvil.i hear these are loud like a bell.time for chain and a base to secure this anvil. i am very happy that it has decent edges and a flat face i do not have a ball bearing to test it .
  10. I did some snooping and it was rusty and the seller sanded it down and painted it.Not welded
  11. Any good welder knows that it is hard to tell a good weld but if it was welded i guess no deal right?
  12. Hello all i am buying a 148 pound Kohlswa anvil that was clearly dressed for my first anvil.i have 1 picture of it .it is the one on the left.i think it is cast steel.Thanks.
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