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  1. Very clean lines and nice design.
  2. still getting the basic concept of forging a set of tongs, but I thought I'd make my second pair a set of bolt tongs. Filmed the process here. it was fun and for some reason a slight challenge. I also made a quick hot cut hardy so I don't have to use chisels all the time. It is out of a RR spike so we shall see how long it lasts.
  3. @2ballcain357 Thanks for the kind words. These are a lot easier than I had imagined. I used 1/2" stock fyi.
  4. I had a woodworking router table for quiet some time now. It has 4 drawers and no handles :o My daughters dresser needs some handles and it seems as if they are so expensive everywhere. I took this opportunity to learn how to make my own drawer pulls. I filmed it to show how easy it was and that you can add different designs to the handles. Check out the Video Here And for those that just want pictures, no worries, I'm including finished pictures. The first one was just done to figure out the technique and the second (bottom one) was to see if i could get an ok turn out. Let me know your thoug
  5. @Francis- I had thought about putting it on the outside, but was worried about the log splitting from impacts or anything. I can always go back and drill a hole there and then chisel out the waste. Thanks for the second idea for the block of steel.
  6. Getting by with a track anvil can be difficult sometimes. I have already created a horn on mine, but getting a hardy hole has been a challenge. I believe having this hole would be a great benefit because you can place different tools in one to achieve different things. I have had a different piece of railroad track, not the track, but a different section that holds the rail timbers. In the video see how I ended up crafting a hardy hole section to hopefully achieve this. link removed Area under the track plate hole has been drilled out, Spike can now be modified to fit into the *hardie h
  7. I've had my piece of track for a while now. I finally took on the challenge of creating a horn on it. Check out the video here.
  8. I've just ran through this entire post. Your building looks great. Can't wait for more pictures.
  9. I've been having issues with my hand crank forge. The strap keeps breaking and wasting my time fixing. i started looking for an alternative by using electric power. I turned my shop vac into a blower. I filmed a video of the build and you can check it out here. I just need to pipe it to the forge now which should be easy.
  10. Nice roof. Gives me some inspiration to cover my area. Nice projects as well.
  11. Sounds like everyone started off the year good. Lots of organizing and some smaller projects. I need to pick up some coal before too long, but I'm trying to forge with what I have left. Made a bottle opener from a wrench the other day. Like everyone else, the weather has been going back and forth. Tuesday is suppose to be real cold for North Carolina.
  12. Watch a wrench get transformed into a bottle opener. http://t.co/w1ywYFvM9H via @youtube

  13. I just did one today out of an old wrench. I got to forge weld (aka closed the closed end) for the first time. Went pretty well. Here is a picture along with a video of the wrench opener being made. Check the video out here.
  14. Thanks for the kind words on my leaf. I will be getting a smaller hammer, hopefully soon for Christmas. This time choking up on the hammer killed my hand. Got a few blisters on my palm. I'll look at securing the anvil a bit better. I usually stand on the other side of the track anvil where I don' have the log in my way, but the sun was terrible for the filming process. Thanks for the tips and I take all advice so I don't mind what you knowledge you have to give. Tim
  15. Yeah I wasn't sure about using the rebar, but the only other piece of metal I had was about 12". I took the plunge and learned a lesson. I've got to really work on removing hammer marks. Thanks for the comment!
  16. I am trying to expand my smithing talents and attempted to create my first leaf. I decided to make a fire poker for my outside fire barrel/wood stove. The only scrap metal I had laying around that was in a decent length was a piece of rebar, terrible trying to draw it out, but I got the job done. I filmed my process as I went along and you can check it out here. Any tips or helpful critiquing is appreciated.
  17. I haven't had a towel holder in my master bath since i moved in. I figured I would give one a shot. This was the first time I create a full circle with the track anvil. Also a first for the split scroll. After doing the wrap (or twist) on the ring I'm finding that I'm not a fan of the look. i might make a new ring. Check out a video of it being made HERE.
  18. I like that knife with the bone handle. I heat treat in the over as well. I usually do it at about 450° so I can cook pizza at the same time (just kidding). I treat at about 350°. My first one I used a grinding wheel with the sandpaper and cleaned it up and made it nice and shinny. I like this one much more with the cutting edge only being shinny. Thanks for checking it out.
  19. I made a railroad spike knife the other day. It turned out a lot better than my first one. I think the twist was a nice additional touch and they look fairly uniform. I just have to get the blade sharpened a bit better. This will be used as a fathers day gift. I will be putting his last name on the blade. Check out the video on it here.
  20. Dan, I started laughing when I was reading what you wrote. It was a bit of work to create this. I did this for a couple reasons. 1. I have like 20+ spikes 2. Trial to see how to form it and the steps to do it in, how to form the handles 3. Try the technique of burning the handles onto the tangs. 4. Practice, practice, practice (I think :rolleyes:) I know it probably won't hold an edge, but it was fun to create. My dad also has an old logging saw (unusable) that he has hanging up, this is actually going to go to him for fathers day to hang as well. Thanks for watching and
  21. Railroad Spike Drawknife (video) http://t.co/ZmyHvREVgn

  22. I have seen lots of guys forge knives out of railroad spikes. Drawknives on ebay are like $20usd and up. I figured, why not try to make a drawknife from a railroad spike. Well here is my first go at it. Any critiqueing is welcomed (as long as it is helpful). I want to learn and the only way to do it from others advise. Thanks and enjoy. If you like the video please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Check out the video HERE.
  23. Burning handles onto the drawknife http://t.co/GbVNdyWULq

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